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How to open the downloads page in Google chrome

Google Chrome lists all downloads at the bottom of the browser. To view the speed of downloads and a list of all files downloaded, you have to go to the downloads page.
For going to the downloads page, Go to Customize and control Google chrome (appears as a spanner) > Downloads.

How to get the word count on a particular paragraph in Microsoft word 2007

Just select and highlight the paragraph and the status bar of the word processor will indicate the number of words in the paragraph to the total number of words in the word document.

One click offline button for Mozilla Firefox

To instantly toggle offline and online modes in Mozilla Firefox, you have to install an add-on called work offline. This add-on puts up a small plug like button which sets itself on the status bar. You can click on it to toggle your internet connectivity to the browser on and off.
The add-on can be downloaded from

How to enable disable Java and JavaScript from the status bar in Mozilla Firefox

Quick Java is an add-on which you can use to enable and disable Java and JavaScript from the status bar in Mozilla Firefox. It stays as a small button on the status bar which can be toggled to enable and disable Java and JavaScript individually.
The add-on can be downloaded from

How to bring Paste and go feature in Mozilla Firefox like in opera and Google chrome

Paste and Go is an add-on which brings up a paste and go context menu when you right click on the address bar. This enables the URL in that is copied to be pasted and the browser automatically goes to the site based on the address, without the need for hitting the Enter or Go button.

How to retrieve Images from the cache in Mozilla Firefox

Cache Viewer is an add-on which enables Firefox users to bring out the cache into a Graphical user Interface. The cache viewer lists the files in the cache and you can search for the corresponding file names or file types.

You can then save the file to any desired location. This add-on is very useful for retrieving images from the cache when the browser is offline.
This add-on can be downloaded from

How to get Google search drop down results directly from your address Bar in Mozilla Firefox

You can get Google search drop down results directly from your address Bar in Mozilla Firefox by installing an add-on named Peers. This add-on can be downloaded from

This add-on is extremely useful because it also gives website and search suggestions right from your address bar as a drop down like in Google chrome.

How to convert doc files to prc files

To convert doc files to prc files, you need a software called Mobipocket creator. It can be downloaded from the Mobipocket website.
After installation, you can import the doc file into the creator and then you have to BUILD to create the prc file in the specified output folder and Enjoy.
Prc files are very useful for reading eBooks on the go using the Mobipocket eBook reader.

How to enable / disable plug-ins in WebPages in opera

Open Opera.
Go to tools > Preferences.
Go to the advanced tab in the Preferences dialog box.
On the left pane, move to the content section.
Now, on the right side, you will find a checkbox named enable plug-ins. Use this to enable or disable plug-ins.

How to have Google search drop down in Mozilla Firefox similar to Google Chrome

Peers is an add-on which enables Mozilla Firefox to display Google search drop down from the address bar itself similar to Google Chrome.
You can find the add-on at
Install the add-on and make your search easy, starting right from the address bar.

How to download streaming videos from the browser in Firefox

Videos that stream in flash players can be downloaded in Firefox browser by means of an add-on called Video Download helper. You can download it from

This add-on notifies you of any possible downloadable content from the webpage you are viewing. It also enables you to download them directly.

You can also copy the downloadable content’s URL and put it up for faster download in a download accelerator.
The next time you are playing a video in your browser, video download Helper will help you to download the content.

How to remove items from the quick launch Bar in windows Xp

The quick launch Bar will be found in the left side of the task bar near the start button.
To remove items from the quick launch bar, click on the arrow to list the items of the quick launch bar.
Right click the desired item and select delete.
The selected item will be deleted from the quick launch bar.

How to open the Spam folder in Gmail (Making the spam folder Visible In Gmail)

By default the Gmail spam folder is hidden.
In order to show the spam folder go to settings.
In settings page, go to the Labels tab.
There you will be listed with all the Labels like Inbox, spam, Trash etc.
Click “Show” near the Spam Label.
The spam section will automatically be Shown on the left sidebar.
In this way, you can show or hide any labels you want to.

How to go to Invisible mode in Google talk

The windows client Google Talk client does not have a feature for invisibility yet. So, if you ever want to sign in as invisible, you can make use of the web based Google talk which comes along with Gmail.
Log in to Gmail and on the left you can find a link which enables you to sign in into Chat. After signing in, you can set yourself as invisible. When you are in the invisible mode, you wont appear online on your friend’s Google talk friends list.

How to watch High definition versions of videos on YouTube

When you open a video in YouTube, the flash player plays the flv file. If you want the high definition version, click on the HD button presented at the bottom of the flash player in your browser. The HD version will be loaded up. The HD version is more in size and is better in quality too.

Vista Theme for windows Xp that won’t slow your PC down

I have been looking online and I did find a lot of themes for windows which made a transformation from Windows Xp to vista. But many were slowing down the pc. The best one would be vista Inspirat ultimate. It has nice features and has full options for disabling any feature if not needed and best of all, it takes very few resources and the PC won't even appear slowing down.

So, if you are trying out a windows vista theme for Xp, then try Vista Inspirat Ultimate. Google for it and you can download it.

How to download from multiple direct links on a webpage easily without clicking each link

Download from multiple links on a web page can be done by using in Mozilla Firefox, By making use of an add on called Download them all.

Install this add-on into the browser and make use of it to download from multiple links on the same page. Download them all also has an accelerated download capability.

After installation, the add-on can be accessed from Tools > Download them all tools.

Switch on caret browsing in Mozilla Firefox

Caret Browsing is a browsing feature in Firefox, which puts up a cursor in WebPages.The cursor can be moved by the arrow keys.

This feature will be very useful when you have to select portions of text in the webpage using the keyboard.

To start Caret browsing, press F7.

A confirmation dialog will appear, click ok.

You can toggle this feature on and off, by pressing F7 alternatively.