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Solved - The directory name is invalid error when opening file in Windows

This error prevents files from the fodler from being accessed, even though the folder is accessible.
Step 1: Create a new folder in a location which is convenient. 
Step 2: Then navigate inside the error folder and move or copy all the files from the folder to the new folder created in Step 1. If there are folders inside this folder try recreating the directory structure manually in the new folder location and keep copying the files alone.

Now it should be accessible.

Stuck at Google Login and unable to move forward while adding google account in Android Smartphone - Solved

If you are stuck at the Google login and are not able to proceed further, you need to check the following:

1. Check if there is a good Internet connection in your Android Phone. I mean a pretty decent connection enough to stream at least 240p youtube videos.

2. Check if you have entered the username correctly.

How to automatically shut down computer after downloading in WIndows PC

You may have to shut down the PC after a certain time to automate your computer to shut down, say after finishing a download.
To do so, you need to open the command prompt.

In the command prompt, type the following:

shutdown -s -t xxx


xxx = time in seconds.

If you decide to abort the above within the time, type the following in the command prompt.

shutdown -a

Eg, shutdown -s -t 2400 will shutdown the computer in 40 minutes (2400/60).