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How to Enable USB Debugging in Android Phones and Tablets

Go to Settings > Applications > Development. There you can Enable or Disable USB Debugging.

What is the best All in One Utility tool For Android Smartphones and Tablets??

How to read or Text at dark in an Android Smartphone or Tablet without ruining your eyes too much

Use the Screen Filter application which dulls the screen thereby reducing its brightness. I highly recommend not reading in darkness. But if you absolutely have to check mails or Reply to SMS near your bed and if you find the screen brightness too disturbing, try using this App "Screen Filter". Like I already said, don't read in the Dark! You are better off with that. Keep your eyes safe and Healthy!!! DO not use your phone in the dark.

Best Painting Drawing and Sketching Applications for Android Smartphones and tablets

Sketch and Paint: There is a Brush in this Application called the Single Stroke which makes drawing a lot easier and Realistic! A definite Must have App for you to draw! Also Plays your drawing as a Movie. This software alone can make an artist out of you!
Paint Joy: Has Similar Brushes than that of Sketch and Paint Software, but Has more brushes and vivid Effects to make your day! Also supports playing your drawing as a Movie.

How to Increase Internal Memory Space in Any Android phone – Without Rooting your Phone.

Although there is no risk involved in this Process, this gives you opportunity to Move Applications between Your Internal Memory and Memory card (SD Card).But make sure you don’t move the Applications which use Widgets to the SD Card because they Widgets will stop working when you Plug in to your PC and Use the Phone in Mass Storage Mode. (The SD Card will the Disconnected from the Phone). Just use your Common Sense and you are done. You will have to do some Command Prompt stuff now, but don’t worry;it’s very simple and easy.
Step 1: Install JDK and then Install Android SDK. (Just Google for them, they are freeware) After Installing run Android SDK Manager. Select Android SDK Platform Tools (Uncheck anything else) and Click Install 1 Package.
Step 2: Enable USB Debugging in your Phone in Settings > Applications > Development.
Step 3:
Type cmd in  start menu and when cmd.exe shows up in search results, right click it and select "Run as Administrator".

Go to Platform tools fold…