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How to measure exact power consumption ( in watts) of a device in your house

This works only if you have a digital energy meter.

Switch off all appliances in your house, except the device whose energy consumption is to be measured.

Now go to the energy meter and usually there is a single white button which toggles between a variety of display functions like Voltage, amps, watts etc.

Press the button continuously until you see the Watts information. Some energy meters will only display energy consumed in kW. So if you see .04 kW, that means the device is taking 40 watts,

Note that kWh is different from kW.

Say if you have a fan that consumes 40W.

If you run the fan for one hour, your energy in kWh will be 40/1000 (conversion to kW - divide by thousand) *1 hour = .04 kWh.

If you run the fan for 10 hours then 40/1000 * 10 = .4 kWh

Usually, 1 kWh = 1 unit of electrical energy.

So if you have a device which runs in lower Wattage, you can run it for longer hours for the same amount of kWh consumed. Thus saving on bills.

How to refresh and renew Ipconfig in WIndows

Type cmd in Stat menu and you will see the command prompt menu.

Right Click it and select , RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR.

The command prompt will not open with elevated permission.

Type :

ipconfig /release

let the command run,

Then type:

ipconfig /renew

let the command run.