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What is the use of a USB HUB?

Before seeing the use of the USB hub, let us know what a USB hub is. Older computers have very low number of USB ports, say around two. It might be necessary to plug in more devices in to the computer than the number of the USB ports available. Hence we need a device or an external method by which we can increase the number of USB ports. Here is where the USB hub comes in to play.
A USB hub is nothing but, like an extension plug, for the USB port ion the computer. The USB hub consists of multiple ports. The USB hub is connected to the USB port of the computer and then the other end of the hub can be used to connect other external devices. The other end of the USB hub may contain more then one socket for increasing the number of devices that can be plugged in to the computer.
Thus the use of the USB hub is simple. It provides multiple sockets to connect multiple devices in to a single USB port. It is just like a multi pin socket. 
USB hubs may be of USB 1.1 version or USB 2.0 version. The…

What is meant by cache Memory ?

Cache memory is also called temporary memory. This kind of temporary memory is used in all forms of computing to increase the speed of processing.
Why does Cache increase the processing speed?
Say a CPU is processing information. It would be better to have the information it requires to process it with it to increase the speed of processing, than to retrieve it from the hard-disk every time it is needed as retrieving it from the hard disk take more time (This increases the time of processing).
Caching may be Memory caching or disk caching.
Memory caching is similar to the one explained earlier. It is the cache memory which resides in the CPU, which stores the information temporarily for processing. This increases the speed of processing.
In memory caching, the cache that is built into the CPU itself is called Level 1 caching. It is also called L1 caching. Some CPU’s have another chip installed near it to increase cache. This is called Level2 caching. It is also called L2 caching. Some CPU’…

USB drive not copying or reading - Troubleshooting tips

When a USB drive is recognized, but if you are not able to read from it or write to it, there might be some hardware problems. Here is the to do list for tackling the problem
1. If your USB device is not recognized, remove it and put it back. If it is still not recognized, either there is a fault with the USB or the Computer or you do not have such permissions for inserting removable media. Or the drivers are not working properly. Try installing the USB drivers.
2. If the USB drive (pen drive or any memory card) is detected, but if you are not able to read from it or write to it, then you will have to remove any extending wires and try inserting the pen drive in to the USB port directly.
3. If it still does not work, there might be some hardware problems, so you have to contact your vendor.

What is Firmware ?

Firmware is also called as Read –Only- Memory. Firmware usually comes as ROM chips .Firmware is 
Non–volatile. By non-volatility it means that the chip does not need any power source to retain its contents. This is opposing to RAM (Random Access Memory) which loses its contents once the power source is cut-off.
Firmwares are also writable. A very famous writable firmware is the BIOS (Binary Input/output System).
The BIOS stores information pertaining to how the Computer boots. It does not loose its settings when you switch off a computer.
Firmwares are currently used in almost all the High-tech gadgets like Cell phones, PDA, Computers, GPS systems and so on.

What is a live CD ?

A live CD is a normal, but bootable CD, which you can use to boot a new Operating system, without installing it in your computer.A live CD is also called LiveDistros.
Many Linux operating systems come in live CD’s. Many of these Operating systems are quite useful since they come packed with a lot of good utilities like word-processing, Powerful browsers. Hence through Live CD’s these operating systems can be booted without installing them in the hard-disk in the first place. This kind of booting does not affect the operating system present in the hard-disk. This feature helps in the easy use of live CD’s in any computer without installing it.
When the system Boots it normally processes the instructions in the BIOS [Binary input/output system].
The BIOS by default boots the operating system from the hard disk and hence .it’s settings have to be changed to boot from the CD or removable disc such as pen drives and memory card.

How to free a lot of RAM in a computer

A simple trick to save a lot of RAM [Random Access Memory]
Say open an application say your web browser. Say you have opened Internet explorer. Have it maximized.
Then open task manager and then look at the Memory usage field of the Internet explorer process (iexplore.exe).
Now just minimize [don’t minimize using the win + m keyword] internet explorer and then you will be able to see that, in the task manager the memory usage value has gone down by a huge value from 34000 to around 2000.
So if you are going to use multiple applications, minimizing the applications which are not in use will help save a lot of RAM.
This occurs because, windows is a multitasking operating system. When the user minimizes an application, the operating system thinks that the application which is minimized, will not be used by the user for a while and hence it frees the RAM used by the application to a considerable extent. This trick will also work in almost all multitasking operating systems. So, do not hesitate…

How to compress files to a great Extent

This post explains how to compress files to a great extent using KGB Archiver. You can compress files of size say 400mb to around 1MB using KGB Archiver.
KGB Archiver is a really good piece of software .It is open source software, which can be downloaded from ( is thee home for a lot of open source utilities.)
It can be used to compress files either as a .ZIP file or as a .KGB file .It offers Minimal,
 Very weak, weak, normal, Medium, Above medium, Good, Very good, extreme, maximum rates of compression.
It is recommended that you have at least 256mb of RAM. It can compress file of size of say 400mb, to around 1MB, using extreme compression. However it takes a lot of time to compress them .Some require even as high as 15 hours .But it is a really good utility for compressing.
Run KGB Archiver and select the compress files Radio button and click next.
In the Archive Text Box, give the destination file name with the directory.
The archive format can be either KGB…

How to start writing your Blog

How to have a blog get a higher traffic?
This is a question which is asked by most bloggers, after they have written their blog but feel sad that people do not visit them at all. 
First you will have to select a particular Blogging platform. This can be either a self Hosted Blog or a free blog from providers like BlogSpot.Iam not a very good article writer so please bear with me.
First, you should write your blog with a theme. They can be focused on to topics like Foreign Exchange, Computer tips and tricks etc. Then you should be keyword sensitive. You should select a set of key words and write your blog within those keyword range .For example, if you are going to write a blog on computer tips and tricks, then you should make use of key words like computers, tips, tricks,windows,linux, hardware, network solutions etc.
Be informative:
You cannot have a popular blog or a website unless and until you are informative. The more informative you are the more people will stick to your blog.The mo…

How to clear the recent documents list in Windows

Just go to control Panel and then select the Taskbar and Start Menu icon.
Go to the start menu tab and then click customize.
Now, if you are using the normal start menu, then, press the clear list button, in the same window, and then go to the advanced tab and then click again the clear list button in this window.
If you use the classic start menu, then after clicking the customize button and the click the clear button.

How to disable or enable File and Folder Tasks in Windows

Go to the control panel and go to the folder options.
To disable File and Folder Tasks:
In the general tab, select the Use windows classic folders Radio button and then click the Apply button. You should now be able to browse in My Computer without the file and folder tasks.
To enable File and Folder Tasks:
In the general tab, select Show Common Tasks in windows Radio Button and then click the Apply Button.

How to change from normal start menu to the classic start menu or vice versa in windows

Just go to the control panel and then go to the task bar and start menu icon.Go to the start menu tab and select the classic StartMenu radio button, if you want this start menu type.Then you will have to give the apply button. You can change back to the original start menu at any time. No restart is of course necessary.

How to install Fonts in Windows Xp

Just have the font file (extract it in case it is present in a zip file) into some folder.
Go to control Panel and then open fonts.
In the fonts window go to File>Install New Fonts… and then in the resulting dialog locate the folder in which the font file is present .Now select the font file in the List of fonts box and then click the OK button. Now the selected font will be installed.

How to change the default Text Font in BlogSpot

Sign in to blogger account and then go to the layout page. In the layout page click on the,
 Fonts and colors link.
Select the Text Font and then you will be able to see a list of fonts available in the right side.
Select the required font. You will be able to select whether to have a bold text or italic text as well.
Similarly you will be able to change various preferences like Blog title font, Sidebar title font, Blog Description font etc.

How to delete Installed themes in Windows XP

Go to Control Panel and then open the display properties. Navigate to the theme tab, and you will be able to see a drop down list box containing all the installed themes.To delete a theme, just select the theme and the click the delete button which is present on the right side of the drop down list box. However, deleting themes directly from the themes folder in the windows directory is not recommended.

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a wireless protocol which is used to communicate between wireless devices like mobile phones, PDA’s, Cell phones, Palmtops etc.It can be used as a file transfer medium as well as a control medium. This technology is highly catching up in Desktops, Pc’s, printers etc. It usually has a range of 30 feet.
Bluetooth technology operates in the 2.4 GHZ range.
The original developers of Bluetooth were IBM, Microsoft, Ericsson, Nokia etc. A chip is implanted on the devices which has the Bluetooth technology.
This technology is primarily designed to eliminate the need of wires, which become clogged when you have to connect a lot of stuff.
The important applications include Headsets, wireless devices like Mouse, Keyboard etc, Laptops, Cell phones, PDA’s etc.

How to recover files from a CD which is damaged

Sometimes, It might be necessary to take important files from scratched CD’s .
In such cases when you try to copy them using the normal method, you will get a cyclic redundancy check error and the file will not be copied. In such cases, if the file is very important, then you can make use of softwares like Isobuster to retrieve such files. Just copy your files using Isobuster and it will skip the areas where the CD is damaged and continue to retrieve the remaining part of the file.

How to add tool bar setups in opera

Note: Always backup your profile before you add new toolbar setups.To backup your profile just copy the opera folder which is present in the C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Opera, and place it some where else, so that you can always copy this folder back to restore the original settings.
Open Opera and press F1 to go to opera help. In opera help, click on the toolbar link, which will open the toolbar help .At the bottom,you will be able to see the link, Download toolbar setups. Just click on it and then you will be led to a download page which will contain a lot of toolbar setups. Just click the download button in any one of them and then you will be able to view the preview ,Just give ok ,if you want the toolbar setup, else give cancel.

How to show the extensions of the files in windows.

Just go to My Computer and then go to tools>folder Options and then go to the view tab and then uncheck the hide extensions for known file types check box. Now give ok. You should be able to see the filenames along with the extensions.
Just in case you want to restore the defaults, just click on the restore defaults button, in the same tab.

How to make the right side bar move to the left side of the main page in BlogSpot without changing template

Go to layout of your blog, and then go for the link Edit html.
First take a back up of the template before editing it, by clicking on the download full template link.
Now in the edit template Box you will have an Editable xml file.
Go to the 
float: $ startSide;
Change the startSide part of the above to endSide and then go to 
float: $ endSide;
Change the endSide part of the above to startSide .
Now save the template.

How to make Opera store no history at all

The following article teaches how to make opera not to store the history of the visited websites.
Open opera and go to tools >preferences.
Go to the advanced tab and then select History.
In the addresses dropdown combo box type 0,and click OK button.

How to change the size or the resolution of the blog in blogspot

To change the size or the resolution, just open the blog and go to layout of the blog, then go to the edit html link.
Go to the outer wrapper section, in the editable xml file.
In the outer wrapper you will be able to see some thing like this,

Width: xxxpx;
Just change the text in the xxx part with the resolution you want, for example say, width: 700px;
Similarly change the width parameter in the main wrapper and the sidebar wrapper, to change their widths as well.
Width: xxxpx;
Width: xxxpx;

Main wrapper is the one in which your text occurs.
Width of the Side bar wrapper determines the width of the sidebar. 

How to have a particular post, first to be displayed at the home page always in BlogSpot

First go to the page you want to be displayed always at the homepage. Then edit the post.
When you are editing your post, click on the post options in the bottom of the compose page that is the edit page.
In the Post options you will be able to see post date and time, text box available. In the date field type a date which is in the future so that, that particular post will be displayed first even though you post after it.

What are exceptions

Exceptions are a set of mechanisms which are to be defined to do something when some problems happen during runtime. Some of the famous exceptions which occur normally are divide by zero exception and array out of bounds exceptions.
Java programming language has a great support for exception handling issues.
Exceptions are handled by using the try, catch ,throws and the finally statements.
The Try Block:
Use this block to enclose the area in the code which is exception prone.
The catch Block:
This block should immediately follow the try block. It contains the error message to be displayed and sometimes can be used to throw other exceptions.
Throws statement:
This statement is used to throw an exception .The exception can be predefined or user defined.
Finally Block:
This contains the set of statements which are to be executed no matter what kind of exception occurs in the program and is usually placed below the catch block.
function_name throws exception_name{//statements
try { …

what is Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission is the process of submitting a particular website to a search engine .

When You submit a website to a search engine the search engine may or may not index the contents of your website .

Indexing is very important for your site or blog to appear in search results.

Various popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, Msn etc. Submitting your site to these search engines will make your site appear in the search results in these search engines.

This will make a lot of people know about your website or blog and also increases traffic.

You can manually submit your site in these search engines separately, or you can make use of various free search engine submission websites like see What is pinging?

How to setup a Bluetooth dongle

When you buy a Bluetooth dongle you will be given a CD-ROM which will be containing the necessary drivers for the dongle along with the software to make use of it. 
First install the contents of the CD-ROM and then insert the Bluetooth dongle in any one of the USB ports of your system and that is it. It is recommended to have the Bluetooth dongle remain in the system itself, for ease of use.

How to connect the headset to the front panel sockets

New computers are equipped with sockets for connecting the headset from the front panel of the CPU.
To do this you must first divert the connection to the front panel. To do this open control panel in windows and click on the “realtek sound effect manager”. Select the Audio I/O tab and then open connector settings, by clicking on the spanner shaped icon near Analog Back Panel layout.
Check the AC97 front panel support check box and then give ok. Now connect the headset to the front panel and enjoy the sound.If you have other drivers a similar process will do.

How to Merge .rar files which contains .iso files which have been split

Many people have the habit of splitting files for easy transport or due to space constraints. Hence, the files are split and mostly RAR archives are used. Always use WINRAR for these files.
In order to join the contents of these files download and put all the part [all the part rar files] files in the same directory and then take the part1 file ,open it and extract it’s contents using winrar. Automatically the .iso contents of the other .rar archives will be extracted and combined. If one or more of the part rar files are missing winrar will ask for the location of these part files.

How to setup a virtual cd drive:

To setup a virtual CD drive you will have to have Daemon tools or softwares like Poweriso. Daemon tools are free though. In poweriso you can have a virtual drive by using poweriso virtual drive manager. Open it and it will dock at the system tray. Right click the icon in the system tray and select “Set no of drives”, as many as you want up to 9.Now right click again and select “mount image to drive “ and then browse to the location of the iso image file or a Nero image file. Now the image file will be loaded as if it has been written to a disc and it will auto play and , here you go , a virtual CD drive. You can try out a similar process using daemon tools. Daemon tools are free and very good.

How to boot from a CD when starting the system

When you want to boot from the CD drive through a bootable CD or DVD, instead of booting directly fro the hard disk, you have to change certain BIOS settings. When your system boots ,that is during the startup of your system press F2 repeatedly to go to the Bios setup.
Navigate to the boot tab and then set the first boot device as CD-ROM.
Set the second boot device as removable.
And set the third boot device as hard disk.
Now when you insert a bootable CD or DVD into your DVD drive during startup of the system, you will be able to boot from the CD drive.
If you don’t insert a bootable disk. The booting will be done from the hard disk. So don’t worry.

How to save power when you are not working in your computer

You can save power when you are not working by putting your system under stand by. In standby mode the CPU fans, monitors etc will not work, thus saving power. Almost all operating systems have the standby option. 
Let me get into it only for windows xp. Go to start and select shutdown, you should be able to see options like shutdown, restart, standby etc. Just click on standby. When you want your system to be back, just move your mouse and it will be enough to bring back your system to the working condition.

Various internet error codes

When you connect to the internet sometimes you will not be able to establish a connection and you will be given a list of error codes say, error 403: You are forbidden etc.
The following section gives a list of internet error codes for troubleshooting.
Error 400: You might have typed the URL incorrectly or there must be something wrong with the URL.
Error 401: you are trying to access a webpage or an address which is only for authorized users.
Error 402: You are required to fulfill a payment.
Error 403: you are forbidden.
Error 404: The page does not exist. The page might have been renamed or something.
Error 405: The method of accessing the website is not allowed.
Error 406: The connection is not acceptable or the webpage is only used for responses and cannot be accessed directly.
Error 408:The connection is timed out .You must have a faster connection to connect to the server.

What is a download accelerator?

A download accelerator is one which helps in increasing the download speed by establishing various links to the same download server. So virtually it is like splitting the file to be downloaded into various parts and downloading each part separately at the same time to increase the speed and reduce the time of download of the file from the internet.
Some of the popular download accelerators are free download manager, orbit, flash get, download accelerator plus etc.

How to verify your blogspot blog with metatag verification in Google webmasters

Sign in to Google  webmasters tools, then for verification, select the metatag verification. Then copy the metatag and have it. Open blogger and go to your layout page and select edit html ,and paste the metatag code which you have copied, after the title tags end . Save the changes. Now click the verify button in webmasters and your blog is verified.

How to host an image or video

If you wanna host a file such as a image and video , photobucket is a very good option. It is a image sharing host. You can upload a file to photobucket and use the link to share it with others.

How to increase the Number of speed dials in opera

First go to the opera directory and open speeddial .ini file . Then open the .ini file in a notepad file and then you will find rows =4   columns=4  . as default . Change the value of the rows and columns to any value above zero to increase or decrease the no of speed dials.

Restore permanently deleted files.

You cannot physically delete files using shift>del or by first deleting the file first to recycle bin and then deleting it from the recycle bin.

The file is not actually physically deleted. It is only virtually deleted.

However a file can be restored if the file is accidentally deleted by using recovery softwares.
Tune up undelete is one good software which can be used to undelete files which have been accidentally deleted from the reycle bin or files which were shift > del deleted.
There are also other freewares available .

You can also perform a system restore to the point before which the file has been deleted. But if there are no restore points you will have to use one of the third party softwares.
Just google for it and you will be able to get a lot of them.

How to password protect a document file

In ms office 2007, click the office button and select save as.
The save as dialog box appears.In the save as dialog box you will be able to see a tools button . click it and select general options.If you want other persons to enter a password before they can view the document, type a password in the password to open text box.
Here after only the people who possess the password will be able to view the document.If you want some one to view the document but not allow every one to save it then you can use the password in the password to modify text box.

Hiding Xp while file sharing in a network neighbourhood

To hide the computer you are using while sharing a file in a network neighbourhood run the following command. Go to start > run and type the following"net config server /hidden:yes" without quotes.

Shortcuts to control panel utilities in windows

All of you windows users know about control panel and here are the short cuts for some of the frequently used control panel utilities like add/ remove programs etc.

desk.cpl >> Display Properties to set wallpaper etc.

appwiz.cpl - Add/Remove Programs to uninstall programs.

inetcpl.cpl >> Internet Options of the internet explorer.

nusrmgr.cpl >> User accounts for managing users.

ncpa.cpl >> Network Connections

powercfg.cpl >> Power Options

firewall.cpl >> Firewall Settings

sysdm.cpl >>System Properties which shows computer name etc.

wscui.cpl >> Security Center.

wuaucpl.cpl >> Automatic Updates Configuration.

mmsys.cpl >> Sound and Audio.

How to merge drives or partitions

To merge or edit drives you need a partition manager. A partition manager will help you to edit partitions which include splitting and merging them.
Just Google for it and you will be able to have a lot of freeware partition managers available.

What are super computers?

Super computers are just normal computers. The only difference being that they have a very high processing capability than our normal computers.Super computers were first developed by Cray at the control Data Corporation at around the 1970 s. Super computers were supposed to have a very high processing speeds. They initially used scalar processors, then vector processors were used and now parallel processing is quite dominant.

Blogging with Microsoft Word 2007

Do you know that you can blog using Microsoft word 2007 !.Many bloggers would love to have a easy way to post their blog posts by making use of an external application. Doing it this way will save a lot of time and will also give them a lot of options while typing. Just open Microsoft word and type the content you have to post in your blog then click on the office button. Office button is the circle shaped button which is present at the left hand up corner of the Microsoft word.In the list that comes down select Publish and select blogs . Now a new window will open showing how the document appears in a blog or in a web page. You can enter the post title and if you are not registered , word will ask for registration with the user name and password of the blog . Once done you can blog without even opening your browser .You will be able to publish your posts directly from your word.

How to add filter url's using adblock plus

Ad Block plus is an addon for seamonkey and firefox .
It can be used to filter ads and can also block flash content. It has a block symbol with the flash display which you can use to disable flash .
To block ads download the url filter file.Many site provide updated ad block filters.
Open adblock plus and go to  filters > Import filter and select the filter file. Now restart your browserfor your actions to take place.

Very fast searching software for windows

Windows search is very good , but it is very slow and is time consuming and it takes a lot of system resources and hence is not good for systems with lower configuration capabilities.

Windows search also requires the indexing process which also slows your system. Further the more the indexing , the faster the search results.

Snow bird is a very good software which is very fast in it's search .

Snowbird is a search software which has no indexing process at all. It is a free ware and takes very little system resources and hence very much for ideal searches. It can be downloaded from

The next generation internet -continued: The advanteges of ipv6

We have seen the importance of using the what could be called, the next generation ip addresses.A permutation results in a possibility of around 340 * 10^36.

That is awful lot of ip addresses capable of providing enough ip adresses for more than just the earth. Let us see the various advantages of using this system.

This system of ip addresses , if followed ,is very secure and and it takes a much more detailed foot print of the possessor of the ip addresses.However loading of web pages may take a few milliseconds longer.

How To make seamonkey the default web browser

Open seamonkey and then go to the edit > preferences menu.

click on the navigator node .On the right side plane you will be able to see a button called set default browser .

Just Click on it and you will be able to set seamonkey as the default web browser .

Setting up seamonkey as the default web browser will make it the default application for handling html documents, htm files and other internet offline content as well.

Also see Very important seamonkey addons.

Most Important Seamonkey addons

Sea Monkey is a very good browser , but addition of addons could even make it a more powerful browser . 

Let us discuss the various addons for FireFox :

1.  Download them all is a very good download manager for seamonkey . It will help you download selected links in a page and it will also help in downloading various photos and images and videos in a web page. It has download acceleration features.

D0download it at For firefox), a version for seamonkey is available for download at

2.  Seamonkey versions below 2.0 does not have a close button for every tab . So you can add a addon from for putting a close button in every tab.

3. You need a extension manager for managing and uninstalling extensions in seamonkey .There is an addon for that , but Ido not the location of the addon.Just Google for it.

4. Ad block plus is very important addon for blocking ads on web pages , first install this addon and then download an adblock plus filter file from th…

What are widgets

Widgets are chrome-less , client side applications which can run without any runtime environment they do not open in any form like a windows form. Widgets are special programs written by people all over the world.

Most of them are free wares and many of them provide various functions and utilities. Some games are also available as widgets.

Opera is one good browser which can run a wide variety of widgets and applications .While browsing you can play a game for some relief and stuff like that.

Widgets can also be found in various websites for increasing the user friendliness.

Change the cache folder in seamonkey

Cache folder is the one which has all the files downloaded and viewed while browsing the internet .Many browsers like opera and Seamonkey make use of the cache to make loading of pages faster by loading the web page from the cache rather than the internet . This helps in saving a lot of bandwidth and also increases the speed of browsing and hence cache is very important.
Many people delete cache because of the privacy concerns and hence all info in the cache is lost and hence browsing gets slower as if you are opening the web page for the first time.

Anyway the default cache folder for seamonkey is inside the user document folder . You can change it like this:

Got o seamonkey and open edit > preferences and expand the node advanced and select cache.

In the select cache location label you can browse for the folder in which you want the cache instead.

How to Make a power point presentation (.ppt) open directly as a slide show

It is always goood to have a power point presentation open directly as a slide show whenever you submit projects or when business meetings are held.To do this open the .ppt file in the corresponding software like ms office or open office and save it as a power point show file with an extension .pps. In Ms power point go to file> save as . Then select power point show(.PPS) rather than power point presentation (.ppt).
Note :
In Ms office 2007 and higher versions you can also save it as .ppsx or .pptx . However this file will not work in earlier version like office 2003.

Some pdf readers which people should try

Adobe reader has been one of the famous pdfreaders of all times . But there are also other readers available for free . Let us take Sumatrapdf for example . It opens all the pdf files in the time , in which the notepad opens a text file.It is a very good reader which takes very little system resources and it is of very little size and indeed it is a freeware .
Other pdf readers are foxit reader . The freeware version is very fast in opening pdf files however many utilities are available in the professional version.

How To obtain google bot's last visit for a web site

Google bot's last access for a website is very important for webmasters especially for people who have been having Google ads in their site. One of the easiest way to get Googlebot's last access to a website is to sign up to googles webmasters tools .
That will be enough to provide sufficient data for your website.
If you wanna do it the rough way, then type (without http://) in google web search. In the results which comes out , click cached link which is below every result . After opening this link you can see the google bot's last access to the particular website.

Tips and Tricks To Speed Up Opera

Open Opera and then go to tools > preferences > advanced > browsing and then under the loading heading select Redraw instantly.

Open Tools>preferences>advanced> network and then select servername compilation and uncheck all the check boxes.

Go to Tools>preferences> advanced > history: and the under the heading "Check if cached page is updated on the server" select never for both cached images and documents.

Always use a theme which does not slow down opera , Many themes are found to have slow down opera and it is recommended to use the opera standard theme or the windows Native.Go to tools > appearance to change the theme back to normal.

Try disabling Images and various Multimedia contents to make pages load Faster. This also lowers the bandwidth. Go here to read about How to disable images in Opera.

How to make Opera the the default web-browser

When You Have not chosen Opera as the default web-browser during installation , you can always make it the default browser by going to tools>preferences>advanced > program and check the text box which Says"Check whether Opera is the default browser during start up".
And give OK.
Now restart your browser and then give yes when prompted.

How to Encrypt Files and folders

In order to encrypt files and folders just right-click on the file or folder and select properties . Click the advanced button and then chech the encrypt files to secure data chech box . Encrypted files will usually be green in colour .When encrypted the user who is currently logged on can only view the files and other usera will not be able to open this files . When opened by other users it will result in an error.
Also see How to have a hishly secured shared system with other users.

How to Password Protect Files in Windows xp

Put the file in a folder and put it in a zip file(zip file 1)and then put this zip file in another zip file (say zip file2).Now open the zip file2 and then inside you will find zip file 2.just hishlicht it and go to file > add a password. Now give your password and then your confirmation password and the file is highly safe from piracy.
Note : you cannot send a zip file inside another zip file using the "send to" context menu. Just create an empty zip file and then cut the zip file 1 and open zipfile 2 and paste it in there.
If you have shared users you might also want to encrypt files . See how to encrypt files.
Also see How to restrict other users and have a highly secure shared computer.

Flock - A browser which is very good for blogging

Flock is a very good browser which is based on the gecko engine (same as FireFox and seamonkey),is very much ideal for blogging , chatting ,social networking and media content sharing.
It has a very sleek interface and is quite fast while browsing. You can manage as many blogging accounts and then you can blog without even opening your blog account. And what could be much more better than that!.The latest version is very fast and supports various blogging sites like blogger, livejournal, wordpress etc.

How to disable images in opera

Images in opera can be disabled to help the reduction of bandwidth and hence many broadband users prefer to browse with images disabled.
In fact opera is the only good browser which renders the web page properly when you disable images and work under cached mode .
To do this go to Tools >preferences and then navigate to the web pages tab and select cached images in the images : labeled combobox. In cached images mode the images which have been downloaded earlier can be seen without downloading it again since opera store every single internet trace in it's cache.

How to Make a bootable cd or dvd with other normal data and media

A bootablecd is one which you can use to boot from before the loading of the operating system which is installed in your hard-disk. This is quite useful for booting from live cd's.
A bootablecd contains a boot image . It is very important for instructing the the boot options and various other features. Whenever you write dvd's containing data there are always some free space.It is recommended to have the free space used properly by writing a mini operating system like puppy linux. For this we need a bootable image creating tool such as power iso (magisiso , ultra iso can also do but power iso is recommended). Say you have downloaded the pupylinux image file in an .iso format. You can use the demo version of the Magic iso to create a .bif file from this image .After taking this .bif file (this file is very small say 15kb) you can open power iso and create a new empty cd image and start adding the other fles and folders which you want , now extract the bootable part ,say puppylin…

How to get the ip-address of the internet connection

Go to run and type cmd to open command prompt , then  type ipconfig to get the details.

Ip address is termed as Internet protocol address , which indicated the current user of the computer. It can also be useful to track the area and location of a computer using the ip address of the connection.

Renaming the recycle bin

open registry editor.

You can open regedit by start > run  and then type regedit in the run dialog box and then give ok.

And then now navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/CLSID/{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}  and then change the value (by default it is recycle bin) to the name you desire.

Make users press crtl + alt + del during logon

Go to run and type control userpasswords2. From now on users will have to press crtl + alt + del to login.

How to set a screen saver in windows Xp

Just right click anywhere in your desktop and then select properties.Go to the Screen saver tab and then select your screen saver.Then click apply.You can also have My Pictures slide show which displays the slide show of the pictures in you’re my pictures folder as a screen saver.

How to change the theme in windows Xp

To change theme , just right click any where on the desktop and then go to properties.In the display properties window go to the themes tab .You will be able to see a drop down list with the label Theme .Just choose a theme from the drop down list.Press the apply button.

How to add wallpaper in the wallpapers list in the desktop tab in the display properties

If you want to have a particular wallpaper displayed, that is listed in the desktop tab of the display properties dialog then do the following.First copy the wallpapers which you want to appear in the list.Then paste them in you’re My Pictures folder.You can find the My Pictures folder inside My documents.

Editing Executable files

It can be done by a software called Resource hacker. It is a freeware utility. It runs on windows 2000 /xp/NT/vista. You can get it here.
Resource Hacker is a freeware utility to view, modify, rename, add, delete and extract resources in 32bit Windows executables and resource files (*.res). It incorporates an internal resource script compiler and decompiler and works on Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT, Win2000 and WinXP operating systems.
Key features : Viewing Resources: Cursor, Icon, Bitmap, GIF, AVI, and JPG resource images can be viewed. WAV and MIDI audio resources can be played. Menus, Dialogs, MessageTables, StringTables, Accelerators, Delphi Forms, and VersionInfo resources can be viewed as decompiled resource scripts.

Changing the boot screen in windows xp

Boot screen is the one which occurs in the startup of windows.The image that is displayed during the boot is hidden away in a system file
called ntoskrnl.exe. This system file is loaded during the system boot
and is what displays the boot image and animation.
BootSkin by Stardock, is a free application. This program is very easy to use and is also very safe. It is highly efficient when compared to modifying the system files your self. You can get a copy here.
Tune Up utilities is another program which can be used for changing the boot screen.It has a tune up styler program .This is a shareware program , you can get demo version at

Msconfig Configuration in Windows

To open Ms config go to run and type msconfig and hit ok. There you can modify the boot.ini file and also edit various system startup entries in the startup tab you can disable various services in the services tab .
For example services like error reporting and fast user switching can be prevented to load at start up .

Ups is not giving a proper backup

Every UPS has a limit and can only supply power for limited devices only .
when a UPS fails you will have to check for the folloeing things

step 1:
as earlier see if you have connected many devices to the same UPS ,that is more that it's capability.
A standard home use UPS will supply for a monitor , a cpu, a speaker ,a mouse and a keyboard.
Devices such as broadband modems can cause problems when connected to the same ups , since the UPS cannot supply enough power so try disconnecting devices like your modem etc.

step 2:

Check the fuse of the UPS .

step 3:

check the battery of the UPS for leakage or short circuitary .

If every thing seems right then try charging your UPS for a whole day and then try.Then contact your provider.

How to kill the regsvr.exe(newfolder.exe) virus

First of all format all your pendrives because after cleaning this virus if the infected pendrives are put in then there might be a reinfection.Click here to know how to format a pen drive which is infected.

Now you are ready to kick the butt of regsvr.exe virus.

Open msconfig by typing the same in the run dialog box.

Open the startup tab and uncheck the regsve.exe entry.

Next open the control panel and then open scheduled tasks.Now delete the entry AT1 from the scheduled tasks folder.Now we will have to do some registry editing but this virus blocks access to the registry editor.To enable the access go to run and type gpedit.msc.

On the right side open the user configuration entry.Then open administrative templates > System and look for the "prevent access to registry editing tools" statement and right click on it and select properties and then set it to disabled.
Now open registry editor by typing regedit in the run dialog box.

Search for regsvr.exe in the registry and then de…

Some free antivirus Programs for home use

Avast is one good antivirus program for home use .Of course you will have to register for continued use but is free for home use. You can download avast from it.s website here.
Avg is another antivirus program but the newer version is recommended for computers with higher configuration.
other ones are

Mcafee anti virus.
Norton anti virus.
avira antivir.
Pc tools antivirus etc.

Ways to save your Bandwidth while Browsing

Many broadband users might have very low download limits(bandwidth) prescribed by their network administrators. Say you have a download limit of 1GB . After exceeding this limit you might have to pay for the extra downloads. Many network connections also charge the users for browsing (decreases download limit).So when you browse you must always have minimum bandwidth consumption.I will now prescribe some browsers , the use of which will reduce bandwidth by almost 90%. Opera is one good browser which will save you a lot of bandwidth. You must disable images in the first place , as they account for 70% of bandwidth.
Go to tools>preferences>webpages>images : cached images.
Go to tools>preferences>general>start with blank page. Next you need to block flash from websites.Download flash blocker for opera from here. Follow the instructions in the zip file to replace flashes with text so that when you click on these text only flash is displayed or downloaded. Since flashes a…

How to have a highly secured shared computer with other users

When you share your computer with others , there is always a security risk in it ,as the other user could see all your private files by means of an insecure system.
However Microsoft has released a software called windows steady state .
This is a very useful software for people who use the windows operating system .It provides various options for disabling other users from opening certain hard-disks . It can also prevent other users from accessing certain applications. This appliation is totally a freeware and only a validation is required for download .It's size is 3.38 mb.Your computer will be safe from annoying guest users thereafter.Download it from the microsoft website here.You can safely install it in your computer an ease yourself from all worries.You can manage individual users . It is highly user friendly.Make sure that you install it after logging on to your private user account.