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How to update any Nokia Phone's Firmware

First Back up everything , especially all your contacts, calendar entries,
messages and notes.

Make sure that there is enough battery charge left in your phone so that
your phone does not switch off during the update.

For s60 v5 touch phones like 5800, N97, 5230 etc and above , open the dialer
and type, *#0000#. There comes up a page listing your phone's details. Now,
click options > Check for updates. The update if any will download and

For All other Nokia phones,  dial *#0000#. This will list the Phones current
Firmware. If any later version is available, hen you will have to use the
phone's Ovi suite or pc suite which to update your firmware.

How to use Nokia Phones to Connect to the Internet via GPRS to Laptop

Download and Install the Ovi suite for the respective Nokia Phone from

After Installation ,  run the application and Connect the Mobile Via USB.
After Connecting, In the OVI Suite, go to Tools > Connect to Internet.

How to Map a Network drive in Windows XP

Its Easy !

Open My computer > Tools > Map Network Drive.

Select the drive name and the drive Path.

How to make any Nokia s60v3 software compatible with Nokia s60V5 touch phone Mobiles

Most  s60 V3 software will run smooth in touch phones like Nokia 5800, N97
etc. The operating of the software will be difficult because of the Lack of
Keyboard in 5800.

The solution ??

Install the Virtual Keypad Software. This will have a transparent Keyboard
floating around and can be dragged to any location on the screen. Google for
"Virtual Keypad for Nokia 5800" without the quotes and you'll get the SIS

Nokia AudioBooks software for Nokia 5800, N97 and s60 V5 mobiles

Listening to AudioBooks on 5800, N97 has been quite useful for a lot of
people. The Inbuilt player plays well, but does not have stop/resume

Nokia Audiobooks is a Software to listen to Audiobooks with Bookmarking
Features, and resume from where you stopped reading the book the last time.
This makes it an ideal Software for Listening to Audio books in Nokia.
However, the software is designed for s60v3 mobiles and will not support
touch devices, but I have a solution !

Also, the Audiobooks can be compressed to a great degre. An audiobook of
size 300 MB can be converted to 30 MB with high clarity.

The software package includes a sis file for the phone and an Installer file
for the Windows PC, which can be used to manage and convert Mp3 files to the
audiobook format used(awb). Make sure the run the Nokia Audiobook Manager as
the Administrator. Right click the executable after installation from the
program Files directory and run it as Administrator.

Where to download Nokia Audio…