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Open with dialog appears when drive is double clicked in windows

This problem is mainly due to the presence of the Autorun.inf file in the root directory of the drive.
For that you will have to make sure that this file is visible and not hidden.
For removing this autorun.inf file, first move to the root directory of the drive where you have this open with problem, using the command prompt. Then we change the permissions of the fle and then we delete the file.
Start > run > cmd
Execute the following instructions one by one in the command prompt.
Cd \
attrib -h -s -r *.inf
del *.inf
Note: You will have to restart or log off for the system to accept changes.
Replace C: in the above command (the second one) with the drive letter from which you want this open with problem eradicated. E.g. D:
Here * is used just to make sure that any INF file (other than the Autorun) will get deleted in the root directory

Desktop wallpaper is blank (with a blue screen) in windows Xp

If the desktop wallpaper appears blank and if you get a blue screen instead of it(even after you had set up a wallpaper), you will just have to make a small modification to make sure that your desktop is back to normal again.
Right click anywhere on the desktop and then select properties.
Go to the display tab and then click the Customize desktop button.
In the resulting window, click the web tab.
Under WebPages, make sure that all of them are unchecked.
Apply the changes.
Now your desktop should function as normal. Try changing the wallpapers and check whether the changes are applied properly. Good luck.

Windows installer errors in windows xp

Sometimes softwares while installing may throw windows installer errors. Mostly these errors can be resolved by following the following steps.

Start > run

and then type the below,
msiexec /regserver

 and click  ok.

then open the run dialog box again and type:
msiexec /unreg

and click the ok button.

Format a pen drive affected with virus

Open command prompt and type "format diskname:" without the quotes.
For example to format the d-drive of your computer type
format d:
Look out for the drive name of your pendrive and then format it.
Formatting a drive will delete all data in it!

Hide a widget in blogger using CSS temporarily

At times, it might be needed to hide any widget which might not be needed temporarily without deleting it.
So, to do that, define a CSS with the id of the widget and then include the following code,
For example,
//other CSS contents;
Where widget1 is the id of the widget.
To redisplay the widget you simple need to remove the visibility option.

How to Comment inside CSS

It is a good practice to always include comments inside your cascading style sheets, for easy references later.
Just use the /* sequence to begin the comment followed by the comments you want to type in. And then end the comment with */.
/* comment here */
Note: comments can be multi line.

How to fix corrupt and damaged files in windows xp

It always happens that the original system files in the windows folder can get modified by external softwares .
When these softwares are uninstalled they may get these files corrupted.
When such usual cases happens the user can always restore all the corrupted files from the windows xp cd.
go to start >run>and type sfc /scannow (note that there is a space between the sfc and the /)
A window will pop-up and it will scan for the corrupted files . when an error is found it will ask the user to insert the windows xp cd and then the system takes of the rest , just sit back and watch all your corrupted files being replaced by original windows files.

other options :

sfc /scanonce - scans all protected files only once.

sfc /scanboot - checks protected files every time the system starts.

sfc /revert - returns scan to its default operation.

sfc /cachesize=n - sets the cache size for the windows files in mb.

sfc /purgecache - scans protected files after purging all the windows file protec…

How to Change the file system from fat32 to NTFS

Converting your fat to ntfs will not damage any data in the hard disk(but converting it may make it unreadable under dos)
First open the dos prompt and type the command exactly as follows:

convert e: /fs:ntfs

This will convert your e drive to ntfs file system .
If you want to convert a particular drive then type the drive alphabet in place of e

But sometimes the system might ask for a restart so give ok.

Ntfs file systems are used whenever you have to encrypt the files in your hard disk.
They are also required to run some games.

Things which Mozilla Firefox should have had but does not

Mozilla FireFox is a very good browser.This article deals with what when incorporated in Mozilla would make it a very powerful browser.
Say you have turned off images and say you are filling an application form , now in order to submit it you are requested to type a series of alphabets from an image , now here begins the problem you go to the required option and enable images and then what you will have to reload the entire page for doing this and when you reload the page you lose all the data that you have filled up. you could also try right clicking the place where the image is and selecting view image but now the image opens as a next window and when you go back you loose all your filled data.
Instantaneous displaying and hiding images when required is not possible. Opera is one web browser which offers this functionality.You can view the image in the same page by right clicking the image and selecting reload image.

Sea monkey also is a very good browser . In opera when a particular p…

How to retrieve files from Hard Drive incase of a crashed Operating system

Every body has the habit of storing their favourite songs and videos and other important stuff in their computer. However an operating system may get corrupted and in such a case it there may be a huge loss of the files which have been stored in the harddisk. Under such conditions do not panic . All your data can be very much easily secured even after your operting system has crashed.

All you need:
1. Linux mint operating system as a bootable cd(696mb).Just google for it you will be easily able to get it .

2.A small change in the BIOS of your computer . Make the BIOS to boot from the cd than from the harddisk during startup .

Insert your linux mint bootable cd into the cd drive during the boot of the computer and boot from this cd and start linux mint.

Linux mint is an os similar to windows .After loading this os ,open the required drive . These files in your drive will be in a readonly mode in your harddisk and you can only copy the files not delete them .Just insert a pendrive and copy a…

How to configure ip address in windows

In order to configure an ip address in windows xp go to controlpanel ->network connections and go to the local area connections and right click and open properties .

In the general tab click on the internet protocol and click properties and then chooseUSE THE FOLLOWING IP ADDRESS radio button and then input your ip, gateway, subnetmask, and DNS server and then give OK. Now your INTERNET connection should work fine.

What are computer viruses?

A virus is a piece of software designed to create havoc in your computer . It is just like any other software but does harm. 
Viruses are spread by various means such as pen drives, Internet, emails, and sometimes by Bluetooth devices.
Viruses may be Trojans, worms etc
Both Trojans and worms are really deadly and they really cause serious harm to the system.Each and every virus has its own way of damaging a computer. To help protect a virus, you need a software called the Antivirus. There are a lot of Antivirus softwares available, some in free edition too. Check out the Avira Antivir Free edition which is a good Antivirus.

How to Comment inside CSS

It is a good practice to always include comments inside your cascading style sheets, for easy references later.
Just use the /* sequence to begin the comment followed by the comments you want to type in. And then end the comment with */.
/* comment here */
Note: comments can be multiline.

Undo the closed tab in Opera

This is really easy in Opera, Just click the undo button or use the short cut (ctrl + Z) and the closed tab will be back in its place. Make sure that your cursor is not in a text box or a filling for; else the content of the text box will be undone.

How to overburn CD/DVD using Nero

We shall discuss what is overburning first.
Overburning is the process by which a disc can be burned more than the capacity of it .
Certain cd's (700mb) are sometimes allowed to be burned for only for say 692mb by cd burning softwares .
Of course you can override the burning limit and this is called over burning .
Various cd  and dvd burning softwares allow overburning but the default setting has to be overridden.

Let us see how overburning can be done using nero :

Open nero express and open the more button and select configure.
In the properties window select the express features tab and then check the enable dvd over burning and enter the maximum size to overburn.(do not give a very high value the deault is 4500mb,just equate it to nearly 4.7gb)

Change Windows Install Location directory from its default path

Now many people do not like to install software in their c: drive.
It is a good practice to have most of your c drive empty for better performance of operating systems like windows xp.

So they install their programs in the other directories.

But some softwares are installed better in their automatic mode ,so in order to change the default directory do the following.

1.goto start> run>type regedit.

2.Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\currentversion

3.Here ere will be an entry called program files directory

How to Disable error reporting in Windows Xp

The error reporting service is a service which produces a pop after any program crashes. This generates an error report and asks if you want to send it.

To disable the error reporting service,
Right click My Computer-->properties-->advanced-->click error reporting--> disable error reporting service.

You will not get the send error report button after you disable the error reporting service.

Disable Flash In Opera Browser

This is really a highly shortcut method for disabling flash in opera.
Just press F12 and then in the resulting drop down list, deselect the Enable Plug-ins.
All plug-ins would get disabled. That is the side effect of this method.

Web tab missing in the desktop items dialog box

If the web tab is missing in the Desktop Items dialog box after clicking the customize desktop button. Then some policies like Active desktop might have been disabled. You can change this feature or setting in group policy editor. Well, here is a registry which will re-enable the active desktop properties.

Under these conditions you can just open Registry editor and navigate to the following registry values.

To open registry editor go to Start > Run > regedit.

Go to >
HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ ActiveDesktop and delete the Nocomponents key.

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer
Delete the NoActiveDesktopChanges registry value in there.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ ActiveDesktop and delete the NoComponents key.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer
Delete the NoActiveDesktop re…

What does a firewall do?

As the name implies it is a wall between the host ,that is your computer and external resources.

When someone on the Internet or a network tries to connect to your computer, it is called an "unsolicited request." When your computer gets an unsolicited request, a Firewall blocks the connection.

A firewall helps to keep your computer more secure and prevents your system from being hacked.

However a firewall is not equal to an antivirus program ,it has no surety that it can block viruses.
You can configure your firewall in the way you want and then work on the Internet , however when a firewall blocks a connection you can always override it.

Know the time to load a Page of a website or a blog

For all the bloggers out there, your page load time is also an important factor for many viewers to stay and visit your blog repeatedly. Hence the time to load a page of a website may play a crucial role in making the visitor come back.
Hence, to know the time taken to load a page, you can make use of the following online resources:

Then you can optimize your website or blog identifying the areas which take more time to load.

A sample Statistics display in Pingdom: