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To display Hibernate option in turn off Windows Xp

Hibernating is the process of shutting down windows Xp without clearing the RAM (Random Access Memory).During the next startup the system remains as you were using it when you hibernated it.

To display the Hibernate button in turn off dialog box (in case you used the welcome screen) just hold the shift button, and you will find a hibernate button, popping out.
Note that you will get the Hibernate button if and only if you have enabled hibernation in the first Place.

Hide the files and folders in Windows Xp

It might be good to have some private folders hidden so that others would not see them.
To hide files and folders in windows follow these steps.
Right click the file or folder and select properties.In the general tab check the hidden checkbox and click the apply button.The file will be hidden from now on. Note :To show the hidden files go to folder options in control panel and then check the show hidden files and folders check box.

How to have an image as the folder icon in the thumbnails view in Windows

If you want an image to be the icon of a folder in the thumbnails view then save that image in the folder with the name folder.jpg.

In the thumbnail view you will be able to see the image as the icon of the folder. If you do not specify the image named folder.jpg then also you will have images inside the folder displayed as thumbnails but they will be shown in groups and not as a single large icon.

How to delete files in Windows Xp without any confirmation prompt from Windows

Whenever you delete any file, you will be put with a confirmation dialog box which says “Are you sure that you want to delete this file”. You will have to click yes to delete the file.

If you do not want to be prompted every time you delete a file you can disable this prompt.

Right click recycle bin and then select properties.
Now uncheck the “Display delete confirmation dialog” check box and click ok.

How to view all the cookies in Mozilla Firefox 3.0

A cookie is a custom file which is created in your computer when you access websites.

The cookie contains sensitive data, which is used to validate you and authorize you for logging in to the website and it also contains other information which you have submitted to the site.

To view all the cookies which are stored in Mozilla Firefox,

Go to tools > options.

Then go to the privacy tab and then under cookies click the show cookie button.

Now the cookies dialog box appears where you can view all the cookies and remove unwanted cookies.

Manage option not found when My computer is right clicked in Windows Xp

Manage option not found when My computer is right clicked in windows Xp
The manage option in My computer in windows Xp is useful when you will have to access some computer management tools.

Go to start > run > regedit.

Now navigate to the node HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Policies / Explorer/ NoManageMyComputerVerb

Delete this registry or set the value as 0 and restart the computer.

If this key is not found, then create this key and then set it as zero.

Google accidentally deleted from the list of search engines in Mozilla Firefox 3.0, and how to replace it back

Google accidentally deleted from the list of search engines in Mozilla Firefox 3.0, and how to replace it back

If Google is accidentally deleted from the list of search engines in Mozilla Firefox, you can replace it by clicking on the current search engine icon and then select Manage Search Engines.

Now click the restore defaults button to restore Google back as the search engine.
You can also add other search engines in Mozilla Firefox by clicking on the current search engine icon and select Manage search engines.

Then click on the get more search engines link in the resulting dialog and then in the resulting web page select any provided search engine.

The preferences page for Download them all is not working in SeaMonkey 1.0

The preferences page for Download them all is not working in SeaMonkey 1.0

This is because of the absence of an add-on called x-sidebar in SeaMonkey. Before installing Download them all add-on in SeaMonkey, you must install an add-on called X-sidebar which can be installed from

If you have already installed download them all, no worries, just install the X-sidebar add-on and then the preferences page will work for download them all.

How to split a video file using Windows Movie maker

Split video file using windows movie maker in windows Xp

Using windows movie maker you can split a video file easily. Open the windows movie maker. Now in the starting page you will be able to find a time line in the front. Windows movie maker supports the following formats:
.asf, .avi, .m1v, .mp2, .mp2v, .mpe, .mpeg, .mpg, .mpv2, .wm, and .wmv.

Open the directory in which the editable movie file is.

Then drag this movie file and drop it in the time line of the windows movie maker.
Now you will be able to find a small player at the right side of the windows movie maker.

Now, in this player seek to the point where you want to split the file in to two.
After reaching the slider to the correct area, click on to the split button or press (ctrl + L).

Then save the files separately.

You can also split the video files in to more than two.

How to add a search engine in Mozilla Firefox 3.0

You can add other search engines in Mozilla Firefox by clicking on the current search engine icon and select Manage search engines.

Then click on the get more search engines link in the resulting dialog and then in the resulting web page select any provided search engine.

How to turn off AutoComplete in Windows Xp Search companion

The Autocomplete feature in windows is good for displaying a list of previously searched results, so that it would be easy to search for repetitive results.

But on account of privacy it might be important under certain cases to disable this Autocomplete feature. If you do not want Autocomplete then you can easily disable it.
Open search companion in windows Xp.Click on the change preferences link.Select Turn Autocomplete Off

The preview for jpg, gif and html files are not shown in the display properties dialog box

The preview for jpg, gif and html files are not shown in the display properties dialog box

In the display properties dialog box when you click the image in the background section in the desktop tab, the preview may not be shown properly.
This is because of some deleted or missing registry keys.

Open the run dialog box (start > run).
(Make sure that you are running as the administrator)

Now run the following commands in the run dialog box,

The third one may not be needed at all costs.

Go to the address bar of your browser directly using the keyboard

You can go to the address bar of your browser directly using the keyboard.

If you use internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, you can access (highlight) the address bar directly by using the F6 short cut key in your keyboard.

If you use opera then press the F8 key in your keyboard to access the address bar.
Sometimes it might be necessary to access the address bar for retyping a new address or copying the URL of the current page. You can use this trick under these circumstances.

Create a customized send to short cut (Context Menu) in Windows Xp

Using the send to function in windows Xp you can send files to some specific areas like a compressed zipped folder or to the desktop etc.

To create a new send to context menu in Windows Xp, navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\user name\SendTo folder and then create a short cut in this folder, to the folder or location where you want to send files through the send to context menu.

If you are using Windows ME, Windows 98 just create the same shortcut in windows\sendto directory.

Create an accessible toolbar for any folder in desktop in Windows Xp

An accessible tool bar for a folder is like a small toolbar which contains the contents of the folder which can be used for easy access to its resources.

You can create an accessible tool bar in the desktop in Windows Xp by following the below steps:
First create a folder in your desktop and put all your important contents in it.Then drag the folder to the side or the edge of the desktop screen and then release the folder.You will be able to find that there is a bar created in the edge where you dropped the folder.You can even drag this toolbar from the corner to any portion of the desktop.

The desktop tab and the screen saver tab are missing from the display properties dialog box in windows Xp

This is simply due to some kind of third party software accessing the group policy editor and changing the settings. The missing tabs can be brought back by changing properties in the group policy editor.

To re-enable the desktop and the screensaver tab in windows Xp do the following:
Go to start > run > gpedit.mscThis opens the group policy editor.Now go to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel > DisplayNow in the display node, on the right side right click the Hide Desktop Tab and then select properties and then set it to disabled. This will show the desktop tab in display properties.Similarly, set the Hide Screen Saver Tab to disabled to show the screensaver tab in the display properties.

What is a Rootkit?

A Rootkit is similar to a software, only thing is that it when it is installed it logs the details on your computer. That is, it might open access to your protected files and folders , allow access to other resources and even allow a person to trace the activities in your computers like your internet history etc.

Rootkits may be purposefully installed, say in a company to monitor the internet access or may be maliciously installed in your computer by hackers and malicious software to steal data from your system.

Rootkits especially the harmful ones can be installed in various ways, it can be like a software, disguised to perform some other function, or through email or through even pictures and videos. Even popup from malicious websites can install Rootkits.

To make sure that you do not get any Rootkits installed, make sure that your antivirus is updated regularly and there are also special Rootkit detecting tools for analyzing Rootkits.

Create Pages which are search Engine optimized

One thing which has to be considered when creating a Search engine optimized website is to have a well qualified web page, since search engines do not rank the entire web site as a whole. They rank each and every web page. So it is important that you put the SEO check in every web page you create.

The first thing which is good to attract search engines is unique content. The others are only after this and they also play a crucial role.

Whenever you publish a new post make sure that you deeply link to the interior of your site. When the crawlers crawl the site they also follow they links and hence they may index them as well.

One thing which is very interesting to note is that when a crawler crawls a site it also looks in to the file names contained in the site. So name the pictures and videos in your site in a meaningful manner. Do not name them rubbishy for your convenience. Header and footer of your site also are crucial to Search engine optimization.

Another thing is the title of your …

The difference between Internet and LAN (local area network)

Many people confuse LAN with the INTERNET.

LAN (Local Area Network) is a connection of local computers in an office or within a private area where people can share files and connect to printers and other devices. One of the important aspects of LAN is that it is totally private and used within the locality only.

But the INTERNET is as we all know is totally public. It is also called as WAN (Wide Area Network).It connects millions and millions of computers and it is totally public to all. However, LAN can be used to connect to the Internet as well.

How to hide the Manage option when My computer is right clicked in Windows Xp

The manage option in My computer in windows Xp is useful when you will have to access some computer management tools.

But if you do not want to show the Manage option when you right click My computer, then follow these steps:
Go to start > run > regedit.Now navigate to the node HKEY_CURRENT_USER / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Policies / ExplorerNow in this node right click any where on the right side and select new > DWORD.Give the name as NoManageMyComputerVerb.Now set the value as 1 and restart the computer.

How to uninstall the Windows Messenger in windows Xp

Windows messenger is good, but if you do not need it anymore, you can easily uninstall it.

To uninstall windows messenger follow these steps:
Open control panel and then open Add or Remove programs.Then in the left pane select Add or remove windows components.In the Add or remove windows components select Windows Messenger, and uncheck the others (so that they are not uninstalled as well). Click the next button and that is it.Close the Add or remove programs.

How to change the drive letter in Windows Xp

When you install windows Xp, it automatically assigns drive names and letters to several partitions that you have made. Further if you add further drives in windows Xp then they are named drive letters automatically such as C, D, and E etc.
If you want to change the drive letter in windows Xp follow these steps:
Right click My computer and then select Manage.Click Disk Management (in the left pane) and you will be able to see all the drives in your computer. Note that you will not be able to change the drive letter of the primary disk.Right click any drive and then select “Change Drive Letters and Paths”.In the resulting dialog, click the change button.Then select “Assign the following drive letter” radio button and then select from the list of drive letters.Click the Ok button.

How to disable the autoplay or autorun of CDs in Windows Xp professional

When you insert a disc in windows, it is automatically autoplayed and the autoplay options are brought up.

If you do not want CDs to autorun then follow the following steps:
Go to Start > Run > and type gpedit.msc.Then go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > System.In there you will be able to find an entry called “Turn autoplay off”.Right click it and select properties. Then select the mode which you want either enabled or disabled.Close the group policy editor.

How to lock the desktop in Windows Xp very quickly

Some times when you are working on an important file in windows Xp and if you want to leave your computer suddenly for a glass of water or some snack etc, then you will have to lock your desktop so that no body gets hold of your private stuff or damage your work.

In windows Xp you can lock your desktop by using the win + L keys.

The secure logon will appear so that a password is required to unlock the desktop back.

You can also use a short cut on your desktop for easy locking of your desktop.

Just create a new shortcut that points to,
rundll32.exe user32.dll,LockWorkStation or type it in the run dialog box.

What is cookie in a web browser?

A cookie is a custom file which is created in your computer when you access websites.
The cookie contains sensitive data, which is used to validate you and authorize you for logging in to the website and it also contains other information which you have submitted to the site.

For example, when you are logged in to your Gmail account and if you open orkut or blogger in the same browser then you will not be asked to enter user name and password again, and you will be directly logged in to the service. This is because when you signed in to Gmail, a Google cookie is already put in your browser to validate you. So if you access other Google services you will be validated automatically.

How to turn Off Automatic windows Update in windows Xp

Automatic update is good for updating security fixes and critical updates and patches.
But if you want to disable windows Update you can easily do it.

To disable windows update:
Go to start > all programs > accessories> system tools > security centre.Then select Automatic Updates.In the resulting dialog box select, Turn off.Click the apply button.Close the security centre.

How to disable the welcome screen in windows Xp for secure logon

For a secure logon many people would want to disable the welcome screen in windows Xp to make sure that their user accounts remain private.

In secure logon the list of all the user accounts are not provided. We will have to type the user name and the passwords ourselves, while logging to windows.

To disable the welcome screen in windows Xp:
Go to the control panel and then open user accounts.Then select “change the way by which users login”.Then uncheck the Use Welcome screen check box.Close user accounts.Restart Windows Xp.

Removing and hiding a user from the welcome screen in windows Xp

Sometimes it might be desirable to hide a user account in the welcome screen if you do not want others to know about that user account. It helps in improving your privacy as the other users will not know about the existence of the user. Fortunately, windows Xp has a solution for hiding your user account and removing it from the welcome screen.

To hide a user account, in the welcome screen follow these steps:
Open registry editor by going to start> run and type regedit.Then navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Microsoft > Windows NT > CurrentVersion > Winlogon > SpecialAccounts > UserList.In the right side, of the registry editor right click any where and select New > DWORD value.Then enter the name of the user account as the name of this newly created DWORD value. Close the Registry editor.Now restart your system.Now and here after the user account which you have specified in the registry key as earlier will not appear in the welcome screen. If you …

C:\Windows\System32\ntoskrnl.exe is missing or corrupt, error message in windows Xp

ntoskrnl.exe is a system file that contains the boot screen image, that is, the image that is displayed while booting in windows Xp.

This file may become corrupt, if you try to download additional boot screen images from web and try to replace them with the ones in your computer. This occurs because the ntoskrnl.exe file will have to be edited to change the boot screen image.

If you download a boot screen image from the web and replace your original ntoskrnl.exe then this file may get corrupted.

This is because this file while modification, might have been taken from a different windows version. For example, the modified boot screen might have been taken from windows Xp SP2. But if you apply the same ntoskrnl.exe file in your SP3 windows Xp computer, then the version might conflict and hence windows gives the error message.

Additional plugins are needed to display content on this page – Mozilla Firefox error

The error is because Firefox does not know what and how to display that content.

For example, let us take a flash file. If you go to a webpage that displays flash and if you do not have the flash player plug-in installed then Mozilla Firefox will not know how to display the flash content in that page and hence the region where the flash file is to be displayed contains an error message as stated above.

So incase, you get this kind of error, mostly it is due to missing flash players. So get a flash player plug-in and install it in your system. This error can also occur due to other missing plugins which come default with Firefox.

If it is not a flash player that is missing, then you will have to reinstall Firefox.

What is a dll file?

.dll stands for dynamic link libraries, in the windows environment.

It is a library file which is used at runtime. Sometimes when you try to run some applications, you get error messages like, so and so .dll was not found. That is, when application requests for such libraries and if they are not found they raise an error.

These dll files contain reusable piece of code. The code can be a function which is called from the original application (from the main function).

Some common dll files include msvcp71.dll, d3d9.dll, iterutil.dll etc.

What is meant by client side script?

It is the script which is downloaded and run on the client side. That is, it is downloaded from the server and then run on the client computer .The client is the person who uses the web application.

For example: when you download from rapid share using free user account, you will have to wait for 30 seconds. The script is downloaded from server and run in your system. After 30 seconds, the script calls the server back for the download.

What is meant by server side scripts?

Server side script is the one which is run in the server itself.
For example, when you take an online quiz and when you click the submit button, the marks are evaluated on the server side and then displayed in your browser.

How to turn Off Automatic windows Update in windows Xp

Windows update is good for updating security fixes and critical updates and patches.
But if you want to disable windows Update you can easily do it in windows Xp.

To disable windows update:

Go to start > all programs > accessories> system tools > security centre.
Then select Automatic Updates.
In the resulting dialog box select, Turn off.
Click the apply button.
Close the security centre.

Windows Xp hangs on startup and not logging in

There are many reasons why windows can hang on startup. It can be a virus or a corrupt assembly (a corrupt .dll or .exe file) which is crucial to startup.

Under these conditions there might be a black screen appearing or the desktop may not load properly with incomplete task bar and start menu.

Under these conditions many people may not even be able to go into their system. One thing that you can do under these conditions is that, while booting, go to safe mode by pressing F8 repeatedly.
Then in safe mode, go to system restore and try restoring the system to a last known good configuration.

How to backup the profile in Mozilla Firefox

Profiles are very important as they contain the bookmarks, visited links, stored passwords and also some installed addons. If a profile is deleted during updating a browser or due to reinstallation, we will have to start from scratch. All the favourite links, bookmarks and the settings in the browser are lost. We will have to do the settings all over again. So it is always good to backup the profile in Firefox.

To backup the profile in Mozilla Firefox, there is a manual method and also there is an automated method (for backing up addons).

In the manual method (in windows Xp), just go to C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Mozilla\Profiles and then have a copy of the profiles folder to backup the profiles.
Note that Application Data is a hidden folder and you will have to set windows to show hidden files.

If you want to do it using an extension then FEBE (extension) is the one which will do the trick for you. You can use it to backup your addons and also helps in generating…

What is boot screen in windows Xp?

Boot screen is the one which loads when you start your windows system.
It, by default displays a windows logo with a back background with a progress bar.

How to close many programs or windows in windows Xp at one click

Sometimes it would be necessary to shut down the windows in a hurry. So at that time if you had multiple programs running you can use this trick to close all in a single click. Whatever you have opened either a movie, or a My computer window or any program will show up in the task bar.

Just press the ctrl button and multiple select the programs running on the taskbar with a click. Then right click any one of them and select close. All the selected items will close.

You can also use the short cut key ALT + F4 to close the current highlighted window.

How to use system restore to restore previous settings and also to undo changes in settings in windows

System restore is a powerful tool in the windows operating system . It can be used to restore to a previous setting if your computer suffered a crash after installing software, or a system file being damaged after a virus attack etc. You can bring your system back to the condition it was before when the virus attacked or to the setting which you wanted.
To use system restore you need a restore point. Restore points are created automatically when the software which you install alter system settings. (However it is not created automatically when a virus enters).

To open system restore go to Start >All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore.Select the radio button which says “Restore my system to an earlier time” and click the next button.Now select any restore point to which you want your system to revert to from the calendar that is displayed. Note that software installed after the selected restore point may not work.Now after selecting the restore point click…

How to create word documents online – Google Docs

We all have word processors, but under some emergency conditions like system failure or word processor crashes etc we can make use of Google Docs, to make our word documents online.
Google Docs, similar to other Google products is good and very much helpful under these circumstances.

You need to sign in using your Gmail account to access Google docs. It provides all the basic word processing tools. It allows you to save your files in their server and download it any time you want to.

This is good for people who travel often also. You can use Google docs to take care of your word documents online and download whenever you want to. You can work on them and edit them at any time logging into Google Docs. You can even grant some people permission to access your documents.

How to change the language in Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is a very good browser. It is also available in various languages.To change the language in Mozilla Firefox, follow the following instructions:
Open Mozilla Firefox and then go to Tools > options.Go to the content tab.Then under the languages subheading, click the choose button.You will be provided with a list of languages. You can select a language which is inbuilt in your browser or you can add a new language.From the “Languages in the order of preference” label select one language.If you want to add a new language, select the appropriate language and then click the add button.After that, the language will be added.After selecting the appropriate language, click the OK button.

How to get the internet explorer icon back on the desktop after accidentally deleting it

The icon can be replaced by dragging the internet explorer icon from the start menu and placing it in the desktop. You can replace the icon in two methods.Method 1:Just click start and then drag the internet explorer shortcut from it and put it on your desktop.Method 2:If you do not have an internet explorer icon in the start menu, then go to the location, "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe".
Right click iexplore.exe select create shortcut.Then cut this shortcut and then place it on the desktop.Note that this can be done for all kinds of program shortcuts and not only for internet explorer.

How to solve error message, Not accepting cookies in internet explorer.

When sometimes you login to a webpage using your correct login id and password, you may get the error message “Not Accepting Cookies “. This is due to the fact that either the cookie file has been damaged or your browser setting in Internet explorer is in such a way that it does not allow the cookies to enter.To enable cookies follow the following method:Open internet explorer and then open internet options.(tools > internet options)Then go to the security tab.Now click the custom level button.In the custom level window, select Allow cookies that are stored on your computer.Now click the ok button.

How to make the file and folder search as the default search in windows Xp when opening the search companion window

When we open the search tool in Windows Xp, it gives you a list of ways you want to search in it, such as pictures, music, videos or All file and folders or documents or Computers and people. We all know that we will be opening the search mainly for file and folder search only. So it would be better if the default search would be file and folder search.To change this behavior and make the file and folder search as the default search behavior in windows search follow the following steps.Open the search companion (ctrl + F).Now click the change preferences link.There select the Change file and folder search behavior link.Then in the “Choose the default file and folder search behavior” heading, select the Advanced – includes options to manually ………….. Radiobutton and click the ok button.Now whenever you open the search companion you will be able to find the file and folder search appearing, instead of “what do you want to search for?” window.That is all. Have fun searching.

How to schedule a task or an application in windows to run at specified time

Any program in windows can be automated or scheduled by using scheduled task control in the control panel.

Follow these steps to create a scheduled task.
First go to the control panel and open scheduled tasks.In the scheduled task window, click Add scheduled task.Now you will get a scheduled task wizard. Click the next button (It might take some time to load the next window).You can select any program listed in the wizard or you can browse any executable file and open it.Now click the next button. Now give a name for the scheduled task. Now give a way by which the task has to be executed like weekly or monthly etc. If you select time then enter the start and then end time.Click the next button. And then enter the user name and password for your account. Then click the finish button. That is it. Now the program you selected will execute in the time you wanted them to execute automatically.

How to make Windows to shutdown and restart at the specified time

This process can be automated by creating a scheduled task in control panel.
First go to the control panel and open scheduled tasks.
In the scheduled task window, click Add scheduled task.
Now you will get a scheduled task wizard. Click the next button (It might take some time to load the next window).
Now click the browse button. Browse to C:\windows\system32\shutdown.exe and click the open button.
Now click the next button. Now give a name for the scheduled task. Click the radio button “onetime only” and then click the next button.
Specify the start time and the end time.
Click the next button. And then enter the user name and password for your account. You should be an administrator.
Then click the finish button.

How to get into safe mode in windows

When you start the system, before windows could boot, press the F8 key repeatedly to go to the safe mode. Some times it might be necessary for an administrative password to login or enter safe mode.

There are a lot of difference in between normal booting and booting in safe mode.

When in Safe Mode, autoexec.bat or config.sys files are not run.

Safe Mode uses standard VGA graphics mode.

Windows boots using a batch file called system.cb instead of the standard system.ini file.

The desktop, loads in 16 bit colors and always with a resolution of 640x480 pixels.

Make Mozilla Firefox consume less memory

Firefox is a very good browser and it is really good and fast. But in addition of themes and more addons it begins to consume more memory. So here , this post is all about making Firefox consume as less memory as possible.

The setting can be made by adding a new key in the about:config page of Mozilla.

To reduce the memory consumption follows the following steps:

Open Firefox and then in the address bar type about:config.

Search for the entry browser.cache.memory.enable in the same page. Double click on it and you will be able to see a dialog box. Then set its value to true.

Next you will have to add a new entry . Toadd a new entry right click any one of the preferences and then select new > integer.

Then name it as browser.cache.memory.capacity.

Then double click it to bring up the dialog box for setting its value. Then set its value as 16384 (if you have 1GB RAM) and then set the value as 8192 (for 512 mb RAM).

Save the settings and they will take effect from the next restart of Mozilla …

Put a webpage as the background image for a desktop for easy access ion Windows Xp

It might be sometimes necessary, if a particular webpage could be made as the desktop background for easy access for that webpage from the desktop itself.

Fortunately windows Xp provides a way to do this.

Open the display properties in the control panel and open the desktop tab.

There click on to the “customize desktop” button.

Then you will be lead to another dialog box called the desktop items.

In the desktop items dialog box go to the web tab and then there you can add your current home page as the webpage background in your desktop. Else you can also add other websites other than your home page by clicking the new button and adding more websites.

The selected webpage will appear at the background for your desktop.

Some good features in Google chrome

Google chrome is one of the browsers which are lined up for excellence. Well like all the other browses, Google chrome has some special features in it. It loads pages faster and Google claims that it loads faster than Mozilla Firefox and internet explorer. Google chrome is the most plain, simple looking browser ever.

Now let us look at some cool inbuilt features of Google chrome:

Google chrome has some feature called incognito browsing, which is used for viewing WebPages without leaving history in the computer at all. This feature provides highly secured browsing and offers good security.

Whenever you click on a download link, the downloads are clearly shown in the status bar, and hence no annoying pop up downloads window. So you can continue your browsing completely uninterrupted.

It helps you to run a website as an application. So, all your favourite websites are at easy access.
Whenever you search for some thing , you can directly enter it in the address bar and then you will find a set…

What is meant by pinging your blog or website

Pinging is the process of making the search engines know that your site has been updated.
Especially blogs which are of course updated weekly or sometimes daily have to be pinged often.
There are a lot of pinging services available in the net like,, etc.
What you have to do is to type your website URL in these websites and they will ping your website or blog for you.

How to add a “connect to” short cut to the start menu

The “Connect to” start menu will be able to help you to connect easily to external network drives. You will be able to access all the network drives and other devices to which you will be able to connect with ease, with the help of this short cut.

To enable this short cut in the start menu, follow the instructions below:

Right click the task bar and select properties.

Go to the start menu tab.

In the start menu tab click the customize button.

Go to the advanced tab and then in the start menu items scroll until you get the “Display as Connect To menu” radio button under the Network connections.

Check it and click the ok button.

Now you can easily access, your frequently used connections, directly from the start menu.

Browse in Firefox without leaving a trace of history in your computer

We all browse through many web pages through out the day. But in case of certain sites we might not want to have the browser, to store the history or cache of that particular site. In such cases stealthy browsing can be done in Mozilla Firefox, by adding an add-on called stealthier.

This is a very good add-on, when activated it does one simple job. It makes the browser, not to store the history of the visited sites, not to store the website in cache, for the sites which are browsed having the add-on active. This add-on can be enabled or disabled at any time.

It does not store the download history, saved form information, text inputted in search boxes etc, when it is active. So get this add-on and prepare yourself for some stealthy browsing.

This add-on can be downloaded from

How to word-wrap in WordPad in windows ?

WordPad is a simple text editor in windows. It is a bit useful when compared to notepad.

Word-wrap can be done in windows WordPad by going to View > options.

Then in the text tab, select the wrap to window radio button.

What is meant by “Aspect ratio” in monitors and TVs?

Aspect ratio is simply the width to height ratio or proportion of a display system.

When you see high definition movies in a normal CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor or TV, you will be able to note that the top and bottom portions are blacked out. This is because the video which you are playing demands a better and a larger aspect ratio.

A normal CRT TV will have an aspect ratio of 4:3, whereas LCD TVs come in various aspect ratios, such as 16:9 or 16:10.These LCD TVs with high aspect ratios shows the complete video, occupying the full screen with no blacked out top and bottom portions.

So the next time you buy a monitor or a TV, look out for its aspect ratio.

Image toggle function like opera in Mozilla Firefox

In opera we will be able to toggle images on and off and also be able to make only the cached images load.

Cached images are the images which have been downloaded and stored in the hard disk already during the previous browsing sessions.

However in Mozilla Firefox for disabling and enabling images we will have to go to the options and change the setting and reload the entire page completely again to get the setting.
However the image toggling feature of opera can be obtained in Mozilla firefox by means of adding an add-on called img-like-opera. This add-on can be downloaded from

After you have installed the add-on, it will appear in the status bar at the lower right corner.

Do not go into the settings of Mozilla Firefox to change whether images are to be displayed or not.
Use img-like-opera add-on’s interface to change the setting.

The same add-on can also be installed in other browsers like flock, SeaMonkey , Netscape etc.

Make a Firefox 2.0 add-on work in Firefox 3.0