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Prevent certain unwanted part of WebPages from being loaded in your Firefox browser

We visit a lot of WebPages while browsing and we visit some pages quite often. The webpage might contain certain content which we do not want to load while browsing.
This may be due to the fact that we might not want that part of the webpage or due to the fact that that part takes more time to load or some thing similar to that. Well, in Mozilla Firefox we can customize the parts of WebPages which we do not want to see by installing an add-on for Firefox called Web Personal Cleaner. Do not use this add-on to block ads since ads change every time you visit the website.
This is a very good add-on for customizing parts of WebPages .Happy customizing!

Watermarks icons for various types of folders depending on content

Different colors for different folders and files in windows, green – encrypted, blue – compressed.

Enable / disable JavaScript in Mozilla Firefox using the status bar

Changing the cache folder location in Mozilla Firefox

Create a Password reset disc in windows for safety

A lot of people forget their user account password in windows Xp when they login to their system after a long time or simply they forget their passwords. If you forget your password then it will be impossible to login to your system account without the password. This is when a password reset disc comes in to handy.When you are asked for the password, you can insert the disc instead of entering the password for logging on to windows.Let us see how we will be able to make a password recovery disc.Go to start > control panel > user accounts.Then go to your own user account and then in the related tasks in the left side of the window, click on the “Prevent a forgotten password” link.The forgotten password wizard appears. Follow the wizard, it will ask you to input a formatted disc, in your drive. Insert the disc and follow through the wizard and create your password recovery disc.Now when you have forgotten your password you need not worry. Your password reset disc acts as a key for…

Running a program in compatibility mode in windows Xp

Many of us run programs at some times that were designed for previous versions of windows like Windows 95 or windows 98 and 2000.These programs might have been designed to run under lower monitor resolutions and other display settings.Compatibility mode is when you run a program with setting of that of the earlier windows operating systems. When ever you want to run a program in compatibility mode, follow these instructions:Right – click the program file and then click properties.In the properties dialog box, go to the compatibility tab.Now check the check box “Run this program in compatibility mode for”And select the operating system from the drop down list.Then in the display settings, select the display settings in which the software is supposed to run and click the ok button.That program will alone run with the settings you have specified.

Delete the misspelled words in rich tip in Mozilla Firefox.

When ever you search some thing in a search engine text box, or when ever you type the addresses of the various websites in the address bar, Mozilla Firefox saves these addresses and searches so that when you search or type them the next time in the address bar, they appear as a drop down list. This is of good help since you need not type the addresses all over again, instead you can select one from the drop down list.But when ever you have typed a wrong address or search, or if you want to delete a particular address from showing in the drop down list you can delete that entry from the drop down list.Just type the words similar to the wrong entry or the entry you want to delete. When the wrong entry comes in the drop down list, just highlight it (do not click it) and then press the delete key (in the keyboard).In case you are using a MAC you might have to press Shift + Delete keys.

Have an alphabet or picture as a bullet in your power point presentation or word document

Did you know that you can have any letter or special character as the bullet in your bulleted list?It is possible. You can have any symbol as long as the font containing the character is installed in your system.Here I have used MS office 2007 to describe the steps for changing the bullet.To have an alphabet as a bullet, go to the home tab and then near the bullet icon you will have a drop down arrow.Click on to it and then select define new bullet. The “Define new bullet” dialog box appears.In the Define new bullet dialog box you can select either symbol or picture.If you want to have an alphabet as a bullet, then you can click on to the symbol button. The symbol dialog box appears. Now go to the desired font and select the alphabet or symbol from the symbols displayed.If you want to have a picture as a bullet then you can click the picture button in the Define new bullet dialog box. Just select the picture and click ok.Now you can have this new bullet as the bullet whenever you want…

Make your website page load faster and smarter….

When people who have slow speed broadband connections, visit WebPages that load slower they do not come to that website again. At least in most cases they will try to avoid these WebPages. This will be a great deal and will cost you a lot of traffic. So let us see the various ways by which we shall reduce the time of loading of WebPages.JavaScript:JavaScript is one thing in your WebPages which will make your page load really slower. This is because many of these scripts make use of other website servers to display stuff in your blog like dynamically changing content etc. When the server which these scripts use is down it will make the page load slower even in case of high speed connections. So avoid using too much JavaScript in your WebPages.Especially the ones from the other sites.Images:Images make the page look good and pleasing but when the page is too much populated with images then there will be a time delay to download all these pictures in the first place. So minimize the use …

How to hibernate in windows

In my previous post I have discussed about the difference between hibernating and shutting down the system. Now let us see how to hibernate your windows.Remember that as said before, you will have to be the administrator of your system to perform hibernation.First go to the control panel of your system and then in the classic view of the control panel go to the power options.Then go to the hibernate tab and then check the enable hibernation check box.You can now access the hibernate option in start>shutdown>hibernate.

Hibernating in Windows to save power and time - Hibernating, shutdown and stand by explained

People like to save power when they do not want to work on their computer. One possible way is to set it to stand by made and another way is to hibernate your desktop or your laptop running windows.Before we see about hibernation we shall see what happens when we shut down our system.When we shut down, we are first logged off from our user account and then the user settings are saved. Then the RAM (random access memory) is emptied. All the programs are closed and the files are also closed. The RAM content is completely erased. Upon the next restart, the required files for loading and working of windows are again loaded in to the RAM.But incase of hibernating, the RAM contents are saved in to the hard disk. This makes the computer to boot the system faster and you will directly enter your account .If your account is password protected then you will be asked for a password. In your account all the processes that were running at the time in which you hibernated will be running as if they…

Shutdown problem in windows Xp

Some of my friends had this weird shut down problems in windows Xp. When they shut down their system instead of shutting down the system restarts. They were forced to pull the plugs every time they had to shut down the system.This problem occurs if there exists, a critical error during shut down of your system. In such cases windows tries to restart your system. Of course you can change this setting. Follow these instructions:Go to start > My computer.Right click My computer and select properties. Go to the advanced tab and under the system start up and recovery group box click the settings button. Under the system failure group box uncheck the “Automatically Restart “check box and now click the ok button.That is it………

Optimizing the presentation of a website

Many people put a lot of quality content in their websites or blogs but they do not get that much popularity.Do you know the reason? It is because many people do not care of the presentation and navigational features of the website or the blog. I find a lot of blogs which contain a lot of good articles, but when I want to search in to the blog, I find no search box for searching inside the blog. This is quite a common problem in various blogs. Even though these blogs have quite good information, due to the navigational issues people just leave the blog.It is very important that people concentrate on the presentation of the blog along with the contents. The following are some issues where bloggers and webmasters have to work on to improve the navigational power of the blog or site:Categorize the contents in your blog or site in a neat manner in your sidebar. This will not only improve the navigational features, but will also tell the visitors what kind of subjects your site deals with.…

Tweaking your Adsense ads format for best performance and clicks

Your ad in your website or your blog should be in such a way that people click on it with interest. You should make the ads appear as appealing as possible to make people click them. So you will have to optimize the ads in your website or blog. By optimization I mean the placement of the ads in the website or blog and also the color of the ads.Google provides various formats of ads like skyscrapers, rectangles, squares, horizontal bars and vertical strips. These ads are also available as image ads and text ads.A big mistake which many people do when they sign up for Adsense is that they put a lot of image ads in their website. Image ads are good and they stand out and this is the reason that many people do not click them. They tell the user clearly that they are ads.This might sound surprising but the text ads in a website are the most preferred ones. One reason is that they blend with the website really beautifully. They even load faster when compared to image and flash ads. They are…