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How to increase Write/Copy/Read speed of Memory Card or Pen drive in Windows 7

Just follow these steps to increase the speed of pen drive in Windows 7:

·Plug in the Pen drive.
·Open My Computer.
·Right click the Pen drive disk icon and select properties.
·Go to the hardware tab and select the pen drive in the list of devices.
·Click the properties button at the bottom.
·Go to the Policies tab and select "Better Performance".
·Apply the changes.
·Now, Eject the pen drive (safely remove it) and insert it again.
·Now copy any file to notice the huge change in speed.
My pen drive went from 4 MBPS to 11 MBPS.
The only disadvantage of this technique is that from now on you will have to use "Safely remove Hardware and Eject Media" to remove the pen drive. Else the Contents which are in use might get corrupted.