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The Best browser for Android Phones - in terms of speed, Rendering ability and Memory and Battery usage

The inbuilt stock browser is by itself brilliant in its rendering.
However, there are other alternative browsers which could make your life a lot easier and your browsing experience better.

Of all the browsers available in the market, the best browser is Dolphin Mini.

Dolphin Mini is the same as that of Dolphin browser HD without the ability to install addons and the catchy interface. However Dolphin Mini by itself has an interesting interface.
The page rendering in Dolphin Mini is simply amazing, and the UI is tweaked to give a pleasant experience.

Also the small size of the Dolphin Mini produces a small memory foot print and hence prolonged battery for browsing.

Make sure to enable Cache to SD card so that the browser caches to SD card.

If you havent tried it yet, GO check out Dohplin Browser Mini, Enjoy!