How To Have customised Context Menu for different filetypes

This article deals with the technique to add your own right-click context menu entry for any file type.
Say you have installed photoshop and you edit your photos (.jpg files)often.It would be better to have a context menu for opening jpg files by right clicking them and selecting open with photoshop, from the context menu . To add such a context menu open
My Computer and open folder options from the tools menu.Click on the filetypes tab and then move to the file type to which you want to add the context menu .Now click advanced button at the bottom and click New button under Actions.The New Action Dialog Box appears. Give the name of the action in the textbox under the Actions: heading. Then browse for the application which you want to open the file with by clicking on the browse button. Now give ok. Now refresh the window and then when you right-click on the file type to which you have added the action you will have the context menu option there, with the name you have entered in the actions textbox.

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