How to kill the regsvr.exe(newfolder.exe) virus

First of all format all your pendrives because after cleaning this virus if the infected pendrives are put in then there might be a reinfection.Click here to know how to format a pen drive which is infected.

Now you are ready to kick the butt of regsvr.exe virus.

Open msconfig by typing the same in the run dialog box.

Open the startup tab and uncheck the regsve.exe entry.

Next open the control panel and then open scheduled tasks.Now delete the entry AT1 from the scheduled tasks folder.Now we will have to do some registry editing but this virus blocks access to the registry editor.To enable the access go to run and type gpedit.msc.

On the right side open the user configuration entry.Then open administrative templates > System and look for the "prevent access to registry editing tools" statement and right click on it and select properties and then set it to disabled.
Now open registry editor by typing regedit in the run dialog box.

Search for regsvr.exe in the registry and then delete all the entries with regsvr.exe.Go for find next and make sure that you delete all the entries of only the regsvr.exe virus.
Now exit registry editor and then search for all the .exe files in your computer and delete only the files which have the folder icon in it.

Now you are ready for it , just give a cold boot by pressing the reset button and then your computer will be free from the virus.

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