Blogging with Microsoft Word 2007

Do you know that you can blog using Microsoft word 2007 !.

Many bloggers would love to have a easy way to post their blog posts by making use of an external application.

Doing it this way will save a lot of time and will also give them a lot of options while typing. Just open Microsoft word and type the content you have to post in your blog then click on the office button. Office button is the circle shaped button which is present at the left hand up corner of the Microsoft word.In the list that comes down select Publish and select blogs . Now a new window will open showing how the document appears in a blog or in a web page. You can enter the post title and if you are not registered , word will ask for registration with the user name and password of the blog . Once done you can blog without even opening your browser .You will be able to publish your posts directly from your word.

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