How to free a lot of RAM in a computer

A simple trick to save a lot of RAM [Random Access Memory]
Say open an application say your web browser. Say you have opened Internet explorer. Have it maximized.
Then open task manager and then look at the Memory usage field of the Internet explorer process (iexplore.exe).
Now just minimize [don’t minimize using the win + m keyword] internet explorer and then you will be able to see that, in the task manager the memory usage value has gone down by a huge value from 34000 to around 2000.
So if you are going to use multiple applications, minimizing the applications which are not in use will help save a lot of RAM.
This occurs because, windows is a multitasking operating system. When the user minimizes an application, the operating system thinks that the application which is minimized, will not be used by the user for a while and hence it frees the RAM used by the application to a considerable extent. This trick will also work in almost all multitasking operating systems. So, do not hesitate to try.

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