How to Make a bootable cd or dvd with other normal data and media

A bootable cd is one which you can use to boot from before the loading of the operating system which is installed in your hard-disk. This is quite useful for booting from live cd's.
A bootable cd contains a boot image . It is very important for instructing the the boot options and various other features. Whenever you write dvd's containing data there are always some free space.It is recommended to have the free space used properly by writing a mini operating system like puppy linux. For this we need a bootable image creating tool such as power iso (magis iso , ultra iso can also do but power iso is recommended). Say you have downloaded the pupylinux image file in an .iso format. You can use the demo version of the Magic iso to create a .bif file from this image .After taking this .bif file (this file is very small say 15kb) you can open power iso and create a new empty cd image and start adding the other fles and folders which you want , now extract the bootable part ,say puppylinux's contents out of the .iso file and then add them into the image file in the top heirarchy just as it was in the iso file from which it was taken from .Now add all the files you want and then finally go to actions>add boot image and select the bif file which was created from the first .iso file . Now burn this current compilation and then there you get a cd or dvd which contains data and media and also contains a bootable say os such as puppy linux. Enjoy.....

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