How to start writing your Blog

How to have a blog get a higher traffic?

This is a question which is asked by most bloggers, after they have written their blog but feel sad that people do not visit them at all. 

First you will have to select a particular Blogging platform. This can be either a self Hosted Blog or a free blog from providers like BlogSpot.Iam not a very good article writer so please bear with me.

First, you should write your blog with a theme. They can be focused on to topics like Foreign Exchange, Computer tips and tricks etc. Then you should be keyword sensitive. You should select a set of key words and write your blog within those keyword range .For example, if you are going to write a blog on computer tips and tricks, then you should make use of key words like computers, tips, tricks,windows,linux, hardware, network solutions etc.

Be informative:

You cannot have a popular blog or a website unless and until you are informative. The more informative you are the more people will stick to your blog.The more useful information you provide, the more your blog’s reputation increases. The more people tend to share your blog with others and hence your blog’s reputation increases and hence a very high traffic.

“First write your blog for Humans and then for computers”

That is you do not have to write your blog for the keywords contained in it only. Remember you are legible to put anything quite valuable in your blog. As long as it attracts people it is good. But do not reside to any cheating techniques or any means by which the user may get annoyed because an annoyed user will spread bad news about your blog to every one who likes it and you will lose further traffic.

So the important stuff is that, if your blog contains valuable information it will be a hit.

Many people open their blogs, in order to earn money through AD sense, and through other third party advertisers. What they are not caring about is diverting a very good traffic to their blogs. Getting a high traffic to a blog is very important aspect of any website or blog.

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