The next generation Of the Fabulous internet

The next generation Internet

The current Ip address system has around say 9 integer numbers in it and then while having a complete permutation of it we will have only 4.3 billion addresses.

Soon this would result in a lot of problems for various countries and people. Because of the no of people accessing the internet keeps on increasing every day by day the current 4.3 billion ip addresses are not enough.

If the current situation continues we will have to face a lot of problems with our internet as we may be forced to wait for a i-p address so that we can access the internet, even for very silly issues like blogging or checking your mail etc.

This is going to be a great problem so , it is soon expected to follow the ipv6 , which is read as ip address version six which can , by permutation include around sextillion addresses and by implementing this version we will be able to pack the entire population without waiting for one person to logout of an ip address.

This is also going to be a very bad problem for countries like South America because of their currently increasing internet users.Yet still mobile devices are also using internet in a great amount and the future of mobile demands even more .

So a vast pool of ip addresses is required and a very good ip-version is required to supply the hunger for ip addresses, for both computers and mobiles.

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