Various internet error codes

When you connect to the internet sometimes you will not be able to establish a connection and you will be given a list of error codes say, error 403: You are forbidden etc.
The following section gives a list of internet error codes for troubleshooting.
Error 400: You might have typed the URL incorrectly or there must be something wrong with the URL.
Error 401: you are trying to access a webpage or an address which is only for authorized users.
Error 402: You are required to fulfill a payment.
Error 403: you are forbidden.
Error 404: The page does not exist. The page might have been renamed or something.
Error 405: The method of accessing the website is not allowed.
Error 406: The connection is not acceptable or the webpage is only used for responses and cannot be accessed directly.
Error 408:The connection is timed out .You must have a faster connection to connect to the server.

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