Ways to save your Bandwidth while Browsing

Many broadband users might have very low download limits(bandwidth) prescribed by their network administrators. Say you have a download limit of 1GB . After exceeding this limit you might have to pay for the extra downloads. Many network connections also charge the users for browsing (decreases download limit).So when you browse you must always have minimum bandwidth consumption.I will now prescribe some browsers , the use of which will reduce bandwidth by almost 90%. Opera is one good browser which will save you a lot of bandwidth. You must disable images in the first place , as they account for 70% of bandwidth.
Go to tools>preferences>webpages>images : cached images.
Go to tools>preferences>general>start with blank page. Next you need to block flash from websites.Download flash blocker for opera from here. Follow the instructions in the zip file to replace flashes with text so that when you click on these text only flash is displayed or downloaded. Since flashes are mostly greater than 300kb or more, they can be highly useful for saving bandwidth.
Next you need to block ads.
You download urlfilter.ini file from here.
Replace the urlfilter.ini file in your profile folder with the downloaded urlfilter.ini .
Soon you will not be seeing many ads .
These urlfilters are frequently updated.However large urlfilters will slowdown opers startup. Hence it is recommended to disable iframes and javascripts while browsing and enabling them if only necessary.
To disable iframes type opera:config in the address bar and and type iframes in the quickfind box and then uncheck it. similarly type Scripting and uncheck this option as well.It is recommended that you use the latest version of opera (currently 9.27).
If you are currently using opera go here to disable  iframes.
Generally it is not reommended to shut down javascript and iframes but you can disable them for normal browsing.
Seamonkey is another good alternative but you will have to get a lot of addons from mozdev.org to block flash ,ads etc.May be later ,I will describe the steps required for seamonkey.

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