How to earn money through your blog

This has always been a question which is put to me by my friends. I tell them a lot of ways but I just thought today of compiling the entire thing as blog port.

You can earn money by paid to click services, affiliate programs and also by accepting donations for your website. The latter might sound a bit not convincing but believe me it is true when your content is worthy. Many people just give away money for their satisfaction.

One of the famous spot for blogging for money is It supports almost all kinds of services and it is free. It is good and highly customizable. So, if you have not started blogging yet, then you can make use of this site for blogging.

Now let us see about paid to click services. Now here is a request before reading further. Please increase traffic on your website or blog so that more people visit your blog and you get more clicks and then you earn money. One thing which has to be noted is that, you should not click the ads yourself, for you might be banned for doing stuff like that.

Google Adsense:

It is the most famous one for getting ads in your blog or website. The process is simple. Just sign in to Google Adsense and get ads for your site .Just paste the code from the Google Adsense account into your blog for implementing the ads.

Other ones include BidVertiser etc.

You can also involve in affiliate programs which involves referrals and selling products. Just Google for it and you will be able to find a lot of affiliate programs.

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