How to prevent the data execution prevention error in windows

Data execution prevention in windows xp is a very good tool to prevent the work of viruses from damaging the system.

But when you have such kind of errors in your system saying that, “ To protect your computer, windows has closed this program” which is followed by the name of the program.

To prevent such kind of errors to occur for a particular program follow the instructions below:

Right My Computer and click properties.

In the system properties dialog box go to the advanced tab and then go to performance options.

In performance options click on the settings tab.

In the performance Options dialog box , go to the data execution prevention tab.

Select the radio button “Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select

Now select the programs which you want to turn off Data Ececution Prevention.You can add any program by clicking on the add button.

After you are done click the Ok button.

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