Create a Password reset disc in windows for safety

A lot of people forget their user account password in windows Xp when they login to their system after a long time or simply they forget their passwords. If you forget your password then it will be impossible to login to your system account without the password. This is when a password reset disc comes in to handy.

When you are asked for the password, you can insert the disc instead of entering the password for logging on to windows.

Let us see how we will be able to make a password recovery disc.

Go to start > control panel > user accounts.

Then go to your own user account and then in the related tasks in the left side of the window, click on the “Prevent a forgotten password” link.

The forgotten password wizard appears. Follow the wizard, it will ask you to input a formatted disc, in your drive. Insert the disc and follow through the wizard and create your password recovery disc.

Now when you have forgotten your password you need not worry. Your password reset disc acts as a key for your account.

When you login, click on to the green arrow button below the user account display and you will be prompted to insert a password recovery disc. Insert the disc which you have created earlier, and now you will be able to login to your user account.

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