Enter the new age of logging in a website – No passwords any more

We sign up in a lot of websites starting from forums to e-mail and news group. We have a long list of login id and passwords. Normally we have our passwords to be something which is familiar to us. We have words which occur in our every day life as our passwords. Since we generally have a lot of logins to do, we normally give the same user name or the same password to various accounts we sign up in the internet.

The passwords are good when we have the most random characters and numbers . These are difficult to remember but they offer good protection.

When we enter the website, we are requested with a login id and a password. When we enter the required details then we are redirected to our account. The thing is that these login id and password are not as safe as we think. There are various ways by which people can get to know of our account information by means of various ways. One of these means, is to land the user to a fake page and getting the login id and password information from there.

Soon there is a possibility that these passwords become more secure. The password based logons can be compromised in many ways. The best way is to change the basic way by which users logon. Instead of it we will have to use a method by which we will be provided with cryptographic keys instead of passwords. The best thing here is that the user will have no idea of the key which is being used to login to their account, and so will be the people who try to hack in to your website account.

One of the possible ways to do this is to provide users with information cards which are used to process logon information, by use of special hardware of the user. Use of such information cards will also prevent fraudulent accounts in which people give the wrong details during sign up.

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