Have an alphabet or picture as a bullet in your power point presentation or word document

Did you know that you can have any letter or special character as the bullet in your bulleted list?

It is possible. You can have any symbol as long as the font containing the character is installed in your system.

Here I have used MS office 2007 to describe the steps for changing the bullet.

To have an alphabet as a bullet, go to the home tab and then near the bullet icon you will have a drop down arrow.

Click on to it and then select define new bullet. The “Define new bullet” dialog box appears.

In the Define new bullet dialog box you can select either symbol or picture.

If you want to have an alphabet as a bullet, then you can click on to the symbol button. The symbol dialog box appears. Now go to the desired font and select the alphabet or symbol from the symbols displayed.

If you want to have a picture as a bullet then you can click the picture button in the Define new bullet dialog box. Just select the picture and click ok.

Now you can have this new bullet as the bullet whenever you wanted.

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