How to minimize the number of spam you get on your email

Every body gets a lot of spam. And every body gets annoyed with it. It is highly difficult to avoid spam because spammers use a lot of techniques to filter their mail as valid ones through spam filters.

How do these spammers get your email id?

Some spam is directed towards random emails, the spammers do not know whether such email ids exist or not.

Where as some spam might result in the presence of your email id in other websites and social networking sites.

Any way, after you get spam in your inbox, let us see what you can do to avoid further spam.

Whatever you do, do not try to reply to the spam. When you reply you confirm that your email id exists which makes it further easier for spam to enter into your inbox.

Many spam emails contain invisible small programs which notify the spammers of the presence of such an email id when you just open them. So here after if an email id is marked as spam in your mail and if you want to check it out for sure, then disable JavaScript and images when you open the spam in your inbox to make sure that they do not run any detection programs in your computer as explained earlier.

Follow these and you can make sure that you get limited spam in your inbox……………….

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