Make your website page load faster and smarter….

When people who have slow speed broadband connections, visit WebPages that load slower they do not come to that website again. At least in most cases they will try to avoid these WebPages. This will be a great deal and will cost you a lot of traffic. So let us see the various ways by which we shall reduce the time of loading of WebPages.


JavaScript is one thing in your WebPages which will make your page load really slower. This is because many of these scripts make use of other website servers to display stuff in your blog like dynamically changing content etc. When the server which these scripts use is down it will make the page load slower even in case of high speed connections. So avoid using too much JavaScript in your WebPages.Especially the ones from the other sites.


Images make the page look good and pleasing but when the page is too much populated with images then there will be a time delay to download all these pictures in the first place. So minimize the use of images to a great extent. Always try to use formats like gif, jpg for the images you use. Do not load bitmap images as they are larger in their downloadable sizes.

Flash content:

Flash is another thing which slows down the load of the webpage or in worst cases it will or may result in the crash of the user’s browser. So avoid using flash in your page. Flash has the nasty habit of crashing the user’s browser.

Rss feeds:

Some times feeds of other websites displayed in your website can also decreases the speed of load of a webpage.

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