Optimizing the presentation of a website

Many people put a lot of quality content in their websites or blogs but they do not get that much popularity.

Do you know the reason? It is because many people do not care of the presentation and navigational features of the website or the blog. I find a lot of blogs which contain a lot of good articles, but when I want to search in to the blog, I find no search box for searching inside the blog. This is quite a common problem in various blogs. Even though these blogs have quite good information, due to the navigational issues people just leave the blog.

It is very important that people concentrate on the presentation of the blog along with the contents. The following are some issues where bloggers and webmasters have to work on to improve the navigational power of the blog or site:

Categorize the contents in your blog or site in a neat manner in your sidebar. This will not only improve the navigational features, but will also tell the visitors what kind of subjects your site deals with.

Link from one page to another. It would be easy for the visitor to navigate to a great extent if you link between your posts.

Give a list of popular posts in your page so that visitors might also want to check them out for sure.

Do not use a lot of scripts in your page as scripts, when put to too much extent can make the loading of pages slower. Many visitors close the tab in the browser if the website loads slowly.

Use colors which are quite user-friendly. These colors should not make the page difficult to read.

Use suitable padding for your main pages and your sidebars.

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