Tricking Google to Read the content first | Then navigation links

Google often releases robots or spiders in to the world wide web to crawl websites and to grab their content to make Google search as appropriate as possible. These spiders crawl your website or blog and then they take the info into the Google cache. This cache is used by Google to display results.

You should note that this post is for people who have sidebars in their left with links to various pages. If you do not have a left sidebar, just read through…………

When a spider crawls your website or blog it crawls from the left side to the right side of your blog since it is the most desirable one and many sites are in this format. Since many blogs or websites contain navigation links in the left side of the blog or the website and content and posts in the right side of the blog. Since content is the most valuable one and not the navigation links it would be good for us if we make Google scan and crawl the content than the navigation links.

Note: Navigation links are links which we use to make it easy for the user to access different areas of a website or a blog.

We can easily trick Google to go to the content section if we make the spider understand that there is nothing in the sidebar in the left with the navigation links.

To do this, just add an empty column in the left of your website above your links on the left sidebar.

For example:

For people who use blogger, you can simply add an empty html/JavaScript column in the left side bar above al the ads and links.

When the spider crawls the website it will find the first column empty and will continue to the right to scan and crawl the posts and hence your content!

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