Tweaking your Adsense ads format for best performance and clicks

Your ad in your website or your blog should be in such a way that people click on it with interest. You should make the ads appear as appealing as possible to make people click them. So you will have to optimize the ads in your website or blog. By optimization I mean the placement of the ads in the website or blog and also the color of the ads.

Google provides various formats of ads like skyscrapers, rectangles, squares, horizontal bars and vertical strips. These ads are also available as image ads and text ads.

A big mistake which many people do when they sign up for Adsense is that they put a lot of image ads in their website. Image ads are good and they stand out and this is the reason that many people do not click them. They tell the user clearly that they are ads.

This might sound surprising but the text ads in a website are the most preferred ones. One reason is that they blend with the website really beautifully. They even load faster when compared to image and flash ads. They are available in various colors and can be tweaked according to the color of the website.

Another important fact is the placement of ads. There are a lot of theories behind placement of ads in your website or blog. Some say that since many people read from left to right, placement of ads in the left sidebar in your website domain or blog is really effective. Some say that since we hold the mouse in the right hand many people tend to click ads on the right.

Left or right, both are good, but one better place to place your ad is on the area below the header. This is because people always get to see the header when they visit your blog or site.

One more thing is that whatever you do not make your ads stand out. People will never click on them. Place them between content so that they do not look like ads at all. Make them appear to be a complete part of your website or blog.

Now you have a good idea of what kinds of ad you need to place in your site. Let us see about the various successful ad formats available.

One successful ad format is the 336 * 280 pixels banner. Place this on the top of your blog in the centre and it will be highly effective. Other good formats are rectangular banners and the other square banners.

You might also want to design your websites colors to improve the blend with the site and improve clicks on the ads. Follow these simple tricks and then you will have the at most performance.

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