Create Pages which are search Engine optimized

One thing which has to be considered when creating a Search engine optimized website is to have a well qualified web page, since search engines do not rank the entire web site as a whole. They rank each and every web page. So it is important that you put the SEO check in every web page you create.

The first thing which is good to attract search engines is unique content. The others are only after this and they also play a crucial role.

Whenever you publish a new post make sure that you deeply link to the interior of your site. When the crawlers crawl the site they also follow they links and hence they may index them as well.

One thing which is very interesting to note is that when a crawler crawls a site it also looks in to the file names contained in the site. So name the pictures and videos in your site in a meaningful manner. Do not name them rubbishy for your convenience. Header and footer of your site also are crucial to Search engine optimization.

Another thing is the title of your web page. Make sure the title of the page is in such a way that it coincides to a great extent with that of the content of the page and the title tags play a crucial role. The contents of the title tag should contain the keywords which you use in your web page. For example when you write about computers the title tags should contain some thing related to computers.

Tip: If you want to see how the search engines see your website as they crawl, try using a text only browser like lynx.

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