How to make the file and folder search as the default search in windows Xp when opening the search companion window

When we open the search tool in Windows Xp, it gives you a list of ways you want to search in it, such as pictures, music, videos or All file and folders or documents or Computers and people. We all know that we will be opening the search mainly for file and folder search only. So it would be better if the default search would be file and folder search.

To change this behavior and make the file and folder search as the default search behavior in windows search follow the following steps.

Open the search companion (ctrl + F).Now click the change preferences link.

There select the Change file and folder search behavior link.

Then in the “Choose the default file and folder search behavior” heading, select the Advanced – includes options to manually ………….. Radiobutton and click the ok button.

Now whenever you open the search companion you will be able to find the file and folder search appearing, instead of “what do you want to search for?” window.

That is all. Have fun searching.

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