How to schedule a task or an application in windows to run at specified time

Any program in windows can be automated or scheduled by using scheduled task control in the control panel.

Follow these steps to create a scheduled task.
  • First go to the control panel and open scheduled tasks.
  • In the scheduled task window, click Add scheduled task.
  • Now you will get a scheduled task wizard. Click the next button (It might take some time to load the next window).
  • You can select any program listed in the wizard or you can browse any executable file and open it.
  • Now click the next button. Now give a name for the scheduled task. Now give a way by which the task has to be executed like weekly or monthly etc. If you select time then enter the start and then end time.
  • Click the next button. And then enter the user name and password for your account. Then click the finish button.
That is it. Now the program you selected will execute in the time you wanted them to execute automatically.

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