How to use system restore to restore previous settings and also to undo changes in settings in windows

System restore is a powerful tool in the windows operating system . It can be used to restore to a previous setting if your computer suffered a crash after installing software, or a system file being damaged after a virus attack etc. You can bring your system back to the condition it was before when the virus attacked or to the setting which you wanted.
To use system restore you need a restore point. Restore points are created automatically when the software which you install alter system settings. (However it is not created automatically when a virus enters).

  • To open system restore go to Start >All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore.
  • Select the radio button which says “Restore my system to an earlier time” and click the next button.
  • Now select any restore point to which you want your system to revert to from the calendar that is displayed. Note that software installed after the selected restore point may not work.
  • Now after selecting the restore point click the next button. There you will find the restoration message warning and now click Next to restore your windows Xp to the time of your restore point.

Windows will shut down and restart during the restoration so be patient.
After the restart your windows system will restore to the settings of the restore point. If you do not like the restoration, then you can UNDO the last system restoration, by opening system restore and selecting “ UNDO MY last restoration”.

For safety reasons you can also create restore points at the current time. For this you will have to select the radio button “Create a restore Point “as in the earlier case.

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