Image toggle function like opera in Mozilla Firefox

In opera we will be able to toggle images on and off and also be able to make only the cached images load.

Cached images are the images which have been downloaded and stored in the hard disk already during the previous browsing sessions.

However in Mozilla Firefox for disabling and enabling images we will have to go to the options and change the setting and reload the entire page completely again to get the setting.
However the image toggling feature of opera can be obtained in Mozilla firefox by means of adding an add-on called img-like-opera. This add-on can be downloaded from

After you have installed the add-on, it will appear in the status bar at the lower right corner.

Do not go into the settings of Mozilla Firefox to change whether images are to be displayed or not.
Use img-like-opera add-on’s interface to change the setting.

The same add-on can also be installed in other browsers like flock, SeaMonkey , Netscape etc.

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