Make a Firefox 2.0 add-on work in Firefox 3.0

A lot of people use Mozilla Firefox as their favourite web browser. They also have a lot of add-ons to enhance the use of the Firefox browser. After Firefox 3.0 has been released, many people obviously switched over to the latest version. But the problem is that many add-ons are not yet compatible with the Firefox 3.0 version while checking the compatibility during the installation of the add-on.

Do not worry; many add-ons can be made compatible with the Firefox 3.0 by simple edition of the install.rdf file present inside the .xpi (add-on file) file.

Just open the add-on using Winrar and the open the install.rdf file.

Go to the tag at the bottom of the file and change the value to 3.0.* .

Now save the file and install the addon in firefox 3.0.

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