Make Mozilla Firefox consume less memory

Firefox is a very good browser and it is really good and fast. But in addition of themes and more addons it begins to consume more memory. So here , this post is all about making Firefox consume as less memory as possible.

The setting can be made by adding a new key in the about:config page of Mozilla.

To reduce the memory consumption follows the following steps:

Open Firefox and then in the address bar type about:config.

Search for the entry browser.cache.memory.enable in the same page. Double click on it and you will be able to see a dialog box. Then set its value to true.

Next you will have to add a new entry . Toadd a new entry right click any one of the preferences and then select new > integer.

Then name it as browser.cache.memory.capacity.

Then double click it to bring up the dialog box for setting its value. Then set its value as 16384 (if you have 1GB RAM) and then set the value as 8192 (for 512 mb RAM).

Save the settings and they will take effect from the next restart of Mozilla Firefox.

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