Some good features in Google chrome

Google chrome is one of the browsers which are lined up for excellence. Well like all the other browses, Google chrome has some special features in it. It loads pages faster and Google claims that it loads faster than Mozilla Firefox and internet explorer. Google chrome is the most plain, simple looking browser ever.

Now let us look at some cool inbuilt features of Google chrome:

Google chrome has some feature called incognito browsing, which is used for viewing WebPages without leaving history in the computer at all. This feature provides highly secured browsing and offers good security.

Whenever you click on a download link, the downloads are clearly shown in the status bar, and hence no annoying pop up downloads window. So you can continue your browsing completely uninterrupted.

It helps you to run a website as an application. So, all your favourite websites are at easy access.
Whenever you search for some thing , you can directly enter it in the address bar and then you will find a set of suggestions from your default search engine. This helps you to find content easily.

And finally, domain highlighting is another r good feature, which highlights the domain name of the website you are viewing.

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