Clear unwanted entries from add or remove programs in Windows Xp

Some times it would be good if some softwares we installed stopped showing up in the Add or remove programs list in windows Xp. This is because of the fact that we may not want others to see the installed softwares in add or remove programs. Sometimes we might install, various softwares and might not want to uninstall them and hence it would be good if they did not show up in Add or Remove programs list at all.

This is a really simple trick.

Just navigate to the following key in the registry editor.
To open registry editor go to start > Run > regedit.
Navgate to the key :
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows\ CurrentVersion\ Uninstall

Remove the unwanted subkeys here to make them not show up in Add or remove programs list. Do not delete the keys, just export them outside and have them in the hard disk for safety purposes, just in case you want to add them back.

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