Comparison between CRT and LCD monitors

The following are some of the common differences between CRT and LCD monitors.

CRT Monitors have a higher viewing angle, where as LCD monitors have a restricted viewing angle.

The aspect ratios are good for LCD monitors.

The image quality is better for LCD monitors than CRT monitors.

CRT monitors provide us with unlimited colors; mostly LCD monitors offer around 16 million colors.

CRT monitors do not have a native resolution, whereas LCD monitors have a native resolution and displays better at this native resolution.

The response time is good for CRT monitors, but with the latest developments, LCD monitors are also coping up with faster response times.

CRT monitors consume more power, whereas LCD monitors consume one third of the power of CRT monitors.

CRT monitors are bulky and consume a lot of your table space, whereas LCD monitors are sleek and slim.

CRT monitors are heavier than LCD monitors.

LCD monitors cost more than CRT monitors.

Heat generation is more in CRT monitors, and LCD monitors generate little or no heat at all. Therefore LCD monitors are mostly preferred for Air conditioned rooms.

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