How to create a .bat Batch file in windows

Batch files are similar to executable files. Batch files can run a set a set of command prompt commands for you. If you always run a particular set of command prompt commands often, use batch files to run them. You can also make interesting short cuts to various applications.
Procedure to make a batch file:
Open notepad and type the commands which you want to run.
Try typing each command in only one line.
Type the next command in another line.
Save the file. In the save file dialog box, in the file name text box type the filename followed by ”.bat” without quotes. Now save the file.

Now when you double click the file, you will be able to run that list of commands which you have typed in your notepad.

Here is an example:
Open notepad and type appwiz.cpl. Note that the commands are case sensitive. Now save it as batch file and double click it. It will open Add or remove programs. You can change the icon of the batch file to make it look attractive.

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