How to create a scrap file in Windows and use it

A scrap file is a file which can be created when you select some content in Microsoft word or excel and then drag it on to the desktop. It is very useful when you will have to put a part of a word document to the desktop for further use.

Just open a word document select the content which you want to copy and then drag and drop the content in to the desktop to get a new scrap file created automatically.
A scrap file is quite handy when you will have to transport copied stuff.

The scarp file has an extension of .shs.

To bring back the contents just drag the scrap file to another word document and you will get all the copied content from the previous word document in the new word document.

The copied content may also content graphical stuff other than simple text. When the scrap file is dragged to a new word document it adheres to the format of the new word document.

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