How to hide control panel icons in windows

If you want to hide certain control panel icons, you can easily do it by editing the control.ini file.
The control.ini file is present in the c:/windows.
Just open the file.
Initially the control.ini file will be empty.
If you want to hide a control panel icon in control panel, just add the
[don't load] tag followed by the name of the control panel file and then save the file.
For example :
[don't load]
The above will hide the accessibility options from control panel.
You can re enable the icon file by removing the corresponding line if you have multiple entries.
You can search for all the files with the extension .cpl, to know the names of the control panel file which you want to hide, using the control.ini file.
Note that you will have to reboot the system for the changes to take effect.

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