Some useful tips for people who use tabbed browsing enabled browsers

Every browser available now has tabbed browsing features in it. Some popular ones include Internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc.
The following are some tips which can be used so that the tabbed browsing feature is used to a good extent.

The shortcut CTRL + T will open a new tab in the same window.

Clicking a link with the middle mouse button will load the page of that link in a new tab in the same window.

Click on a tab with the middle mouse button to close the tab.

Click and hold on to the CTRL button and press the number corresponding to that tab to open that tab. For example CTRL + 3 will open the third tab.

To switch between tabs, just press CTRL + tab keys.

Double-clicking on the empty region in the tab bar will also create a new tab.

You can bring back an accidentally closed tab by right clicking on any tab and selecting Undo Close Tab.

Use these tips for effective tabbed browsing.

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