Blogger Reactions: Get feedback from your visitors

Blogger has got a good way for blog authors to get feed back on their content. Let the content be a picture, or an article or a review, you can get valuable feedback from your blog readers through blogger reactions.

Blogger reactions occur as check boxes below your blog posts, which helps the readers to vote freely for your blog posts. This is an alternate to commenting but very effective way to express what they think. You can also pick a range of virtues for your post. For example, if you are going to post a picture as a blog post, you can set the possible reactions as lovely, ugly, cute, funny etc…

The readers now just have to check the check boxes to vote.

To enable Reactions go to the layout of your blog and then under Blog Posts page element click the edit link and in the configure blog posts window, check the reactions check box and then you can edit the possible reactions you want to get from your readers.

Click the save button.

Now readers can give you feed back at a single click.

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