How to set priority levels for processes in Windows Xp

Each process which runs in windows has a priority level. The priority level may be low, high, normal, and real-time, below normal and above normal.

When the priority is set to low, that process is considered the least important, during processing and hence the instances of this process is low and the process runs slower.

A process which is set with a priority of high will have more instances and hence will run faster.

Similarly the case can be judged for normal, above normal and below normal. Real-time priority makes the process priority to vary according to needs. Especially games are played better with a real-time priority.

To change the priority of a process, you will have to open the task manager.
Press ctrl + shift + esc to open task manager.

Navigate to the process tab and then right click any process and select Set Priority and then set the required priority.

You must be careful not to alter the priorities of system processes as it might have negative impact on your computer. So before you set the priority make sure that you know which software application the process belongs to. Do not assign process priorities to process which you have no idea of.

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