How to retrieve files from Hard Drive incase of a crashed Operating system

Every body has the habit of storing their favourite songs and videos and other important stuff in their computer. However an operating system may get corrupted and in such a case it there may be a huge loss of the files which have been stored in the harddisk. Under such conditions do not panic . All your data can be very much easily secured even after your operting system has crashed.

All you need:

1. Linux mint operating system as a bootable cd(696mb).Just google for it you will be easily able to get it .

2.A small change in the BIOS of your computer . Make the BIOS to boot from the cd than from the harddisk during startup .

Insert your linux mint bootable cd into the cd drive during the boot of the computer and boot from this cd and start linux mint.

Linux mint is an os similar to windows .After loading this os ,open the required drive . These files in your drive will be in a readonly mode in your harddisk and you can only copy the files not delete them .Just insert a pendrive and copy all your required files from your hardrdisk such as all your song collection etc.This OS also has a cd burning tool in it by default , so you can also write your files to a cd drive . 

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