How to cure boils in the EYE - sooner!! The Natural way.

How to cure boils in the EYE - sooner!!
Take some neem leaves and boil it in a small amount of water until 1/3 rd of the water is evaporated. Then use a soft cloth or cotton to apply the water in your eyes. Don’t apply too much heat. Use common sense.

Take good quality sandal and make a paste by adding good quality rose water to it and apply on the eyelids and keep it closed till it dries off. Do this twice or thrice in a day and your boils should be gone.
Use good quality of rosewater, else it may irritate your eyes. If you are not sure of getting good quality rose water; use water instead.
Also drink tender coconut water twice daily for a week. Apply gingerly oil or castor oil in foot and massage for five minutes before bed time and leave it on till morning and wash it off first thing in the morning. Try all these and your boils should be gone in a day or two.

If it gets pretty serious, run away and consult a doctor.

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