Encrypt USB pen drive In Windows 7 and other Versions like Windows Xp and vista using BitLocker

Windows 7 comes with a security feature BitLocker. It helps you to Password protect your Pendrive and USB Drive.You can protect Pen drive and usb drives using a password that you can set yourself.
During the encryption process, Windows 7 installs a special reader on the USB drive. When you connect the USB drive to a computer running XP or Vista, the password will be asked and you are ready to go as the data is safe and secure.
To set up password on a pen drive :
Insert a USB drive, and go to Control Panel > Bit Locker Drive Encryption.
Then enable the the Bitlockker protection for this pendrive.
Some Initialisation work will be done.
BitLocker To Go will prompt for a password which you can use to unlock the drive later.
BitLocker To Go will prompt you to store a recovery key that helps unlock your drive in case you forget your password.
Recovery Key can be saved in a file .
After this The encryption [process will begin and there you go!!
Your Pen drive data is now Password protected and secure in Windows Platform!

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